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10 Reasons Why Trail Mix is the Perfect Healthy Snack

The perfect on-the-go snack treat, trail mix have been around for centuries now. The very first trail mix was an accidental discovery mentioned in the book named The Appalachian Trail where it was recommended as a mixture of nuts, raisins and chocolate for hikers.

Since then trail mixes have withstood the test of time and remain a healthy snacking option for all alike. Here are some reasons why trail mix is the perfect snack:

1. It contains Energy Dense and Nutrient Dense Ingredients

What makes or breaks a trail mix? It is the ingredients of the trail mix that matter the most. A healthy trail mix should contain a strong base of nuts, seeds, dry fruits that are both nutrient-dense and energy-dense. Extra additions like chocolate and other small goodies can bring down the snack’s overall nutritional profile, so make sure that your trail mix contains healthy ingredients more than the extras.

2. It is Low-GI

The glycemic index of trail mix is relatively lower which means that it has a slow release of glucose in the bloodstream. Therefore it is a sustaining source of energy that does not spike blood sugar and keeps you full for longer.

3. Great Source of Fibre

Nuts and seeds contain high sources of fiber that is important for digestive health, diabetes, weight management and heart diseases. Easily get your dose of fiber by grabbing a handful of this snack and munch them without guilt to beat those hunger pangs.

4. Tastes Good

Apart from its health benefits, the right mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits in your trail mix makes for a delicious treat. The crunch of the nuts and seeds along with the sweetness of dry fruits balances out the overall taste and texture of the snack.

5. Easy to Carry

Whether you are hungry at your office desk, a hiker looking for easy eats or a super mom looking for a healthy snack, you can turn to trail mix and indulge in it guilt-free. You can carry it in your backpack or handbag with ease, Rather than giving into temptations of having junk food, why not take a small pack of your favourite trail mix.

6. Nuts and Seeds are a Good Source of Healthy Fats

Not all fats are bad! Did you know that your brain is the fattiest organ and your cell's outer membrane is made of fat, making fat an essential nutrient? Healthy fats like Omega-3, saturated and unsaturated fat are abundant in trail mix that contains a good blend of nuts and seeds.

7. Plant-Based Nutrition

There is increasing evidence that suggests that lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and stroke can be averted with diets that are high in plant-based foods. Trail mix contains ingredients that are packed with essential plant-based micronutrients of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytosterols. You certainly cannot get this mix of nutrients from other so-called snacks.

8. Helps in Weight Management

Even though nuts and seeds have high-fat content in them, it does help to shed your weight. This is because of its high nutrition content. Several studies have proven that consuming nuts leads to weight loss.

9. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the root cause of several diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Trail mix contains anti-inflammatory nutrients that help your body boost your immunity, fight pathogens and reduce inflammation.

10. The Best Snack

Out of all snacks, trail mixes are often touted to be the healthiest. It is good for your body and tastes delicious at the same time. Ultimately, it solves the purpose of snacking in a guilt-free and healthy way as opposed to other snacks that are usually high in calories but low in their nutrient profile.

If you are looking for a perfect and reliable snack, trail mix is your ideal choice. Tassyam’s toasted trail mixcontains the right mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits without any extra additions. Plus, it contains no added salt and roasted oil-free. All of this not only ranks it high on nutrient profile but also on taste as well. Get your jar of superfood and snack away heartily!

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