3 Desi Drinks to cool yourselves down this summer | Tassyam - Tassyam Organics

3 Desi Drinks to cool yourselves down this summer | Tassyam

The merciless winter is almost over and things have been heating up. Gone are the days when being able to sit it the sun was a blessing. What’s coming up next are sweaty scorching hot days and we have to prepare! Summer is coming.

First and foremost, we need to hydrate ourselves. But how much water can you expect yourself to drink? Water is great, but also really boring. (No offence to the water stans out there.)

So today I bring you three drinks: Desi, easy and hella delicious.

I have attached links to readymade instant mixes for quick summer relief.

  1. Jal Jeera

Originating in the banks of the Ganges, this childhood favourite of mine is a train of nostalgia. This drink essentially contains Jal(water), Jeera(Cumin), Lemon juice and rock salt. Many other variations exist across households, but the purpose of the drink remains the same: to help digest and cool down.

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  1. Nimbu Pani/Shikanji

Nimbu Pani is by far the most underrated and taken for granted, and that could not be more unfair. A simple concoction of lemon, sugar, salt and water/soda, this drink is often synonymously called a lemonade. But in reality, it's more like a desi cousin of the lemonade with local Indian lemons/lime variety being used across regions. In north India, the "gol nimbu" is used while in the eastern parts the fragrant "gondhoraj lebu/nemu" is popular. In some parts of the country, even green chillies are added to the drink to spice it up.

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  1. Thandai

With "thand" in its name, Thandai's reason for existence is to cool you down. Casually drink it for summer relief or add it to your summer brunch menus. Sophisticated yet humble, this drink is milk flavoured with almonds, pistachios, sugar, saffron, rose water, fennel and even poppy and watermelon seeds.

Just like most desi drinks, this drink has many variations. From adding rose petals and garnishing with silver leaf to make a royal drink to adding “bhang” as an offering for Lord Shiv, this drink is truly versatile.

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