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4 Best Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

It is May, the temperature has already gone past 45 degrees and it is just going to get more unbearable from here. Well this blog is not going to scare and remind you of how scorching the Indian summers can get, but tell you some easy and quick ways to beat the summer heat and #staycool.

1. Stay hydrated

Starting with the most obvious and easiest way, well, not actually the easiest because there are a lot of people who find it hard to drink 3-5 liters of water daily and keep their body hydrated. During summers, you body sweats a lot and to maintain the amount of fluids in the body, it is essential you consume liquids throughout the day. Coming back to the problem of failing to drink enough water, check out this blog that talks about 6 simple ways to drink more water.

2. Eat your fruits

Summers is the only season when we get the best of fruits in abundance. Mangoes, watermelons, muskmelon, plums, pineapple and so many more- all of these fruits are so flavourful, have important nutrients and high amount of water content. So many reasons to enjoy them and beat the summer heat the cool way.

3. Wear Cotton and Apply sunscreen

Another way to #staycool is by making light-coloured cotton clothes and sunscreen your bestfriends. Cotton is a light weight fabric, which means it helps in quick evaporation of sweat, giving you a feeling of being cool. Avoid dark coloured clothes as they absorb more wavelengths of light making you feel hotter. Missing your sunscreen before stepping out can be the biggest mistake you are committing. It prevents tanning, irritation, protects the skin from the harmful UV radiations and can even reduce the chances of skin cancer. But better yet, carry an umbrella or wear full sleeved tops in cotton to naturally protect your skin from being harmed by the sun's harsh rays.

4. Avoid High Protein diet

Try eating light meals instead of heavy ones rich in proteins. Having a diet with high protein intake can increase the metabolic heat, thus, warming the body. To be cool during summers, include more of veggies in the form of salad and fruits in your diet. Summer fruits have high water content, which keeps the body hydrated for long.

Let us know how are you staying cool and beating the summer heats this season.

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