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4 Ways To Use Super Powders

As a doting parent, you always try to provide the best for your children. The growing bodies and brains of young ones need essential nutrition. But kids have their own mind and taste buds. If you could only get them to eat a bowl of spinach without creating a huge scene!

We understand how hard it can be for you to squeeze in the best nutrient-dense food for your little ones. That is why Tassyam has brought to you some unique super powders that can easily be sneaked into food. Here are some super powders you can try:

1. Chikoo or Sapodilla Powder

When you can get your children to eat this healthy fruit, serve them a delicious smoothie with a little bit of chikoo powder for a delicious treat. Plus, you can also use this powder while baking. Add them to muffins or cakes for a delicious flavour. We are sure that a chikoo flavoured cupcake will go down well your kids and your children will get their share of nutrition from this powder as well.

For growing toddlers, it can also be added to their cereals or porridge. This delicious super powder is well-known to improve eyesight, optimize the immune function, strengthen the bones and provide a boost of energy naturally.

2. Beetroot Powder

A powerful health food and a natural dye that can give any food an instant red hue, Beetroot powder can prove to be very beneficial when added to any dish. From red velvet cakes to healthy truffles, you can add this versatile powder to add a whole new dimension to the food. The children will like it too and eat it without any fuss!

Get inspired and buy all-natural beetroot powder to give a well-deserved and natural rosy tint to your culinary adventures. No need for artificial colours, when you can use this powder to give your dish a nutritional boost and taste at the same time.

3. Strawberry Powder

It’s not every time of the year you get fresh strawberries in the market. So, stock up some natural strawberry powder in your kitchen counters all year around. You can add them to granolas, cereals and smoothies to give it a fresh burst of tropical flavour.

Strawberries are great antioxidants that can be very beneficial for children and adults alike. Its strong anti-microbial properties fight infections and keep diseases at bay. Tassyam’s Intense Strawberry Powderimbues a dish with an essence of natural strawberry and imparts a pale pink hue making it very attractive.

4. Lemon Powder

This powder can be used in just about any dish or recipe that calls for a quick lemon zest. Make your dish tangy and delicious. Whip up nimbu pani in a jiffy and serve your children a delicious mint mojito in minutes. No need to squeeze out the lemons. Simply add the lemon powder to water, along with sugar and some mint leaves. That’s it! Nimbu Pani is ready!

Lemon powder provides several health benefits that include a rich source of Vitamin C and improving digestive function.

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