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5 Refreshingly Exotic Teas

Tea is a refreshing beverage and nothing can beat the comfort of sipping hot tea. It is virtually calorie-free and next to water, it can be sipped in between your meals to stimulate digestion and help you beat the hunger pangs.

Some teas come with several health benefits that other beverages rarely offer. Plus, it’s available in a variety of flavours and blends from across the globe. Simply put, there is never a dull moment with tea.

Here are few of the most unique flavoured teas from Tassyam that are sourced from some of the finest tea estates in India:

Lavender Hibiscus Green Tea

A crimson red and citrus flavoured hibiscus green tea smothered with lavender buds, this tea has an intriguing flavour. Loaded with the tranquil goodness of lavender and hibiscus, this green tea blend provides an array of health benefits.

Its taste and experience is one of a kind and once you try it we are sure you will be hooked to its flavour. This tea provides an energized start during a lazy morning, busy afternoon or a buzzing evening time delight.


A perfect synergy of chocolate and tea come together to create a perfect combination of this delicious treat. Satiate both your love for tea and chocolate which can be sipped hot or cold, the way you want it. This tea is a loose tea blend made of soothing black tea pellets infused with rich cocoa to bring you an exotic indulgence. Make it even better by dipping marshmallows or have it with fresh whipped cream to top it off.

Shanthi Organic Silver Needles White Tea

White tea is a rare formulation that originates from a special strain of tea plant and is only harvested during a few days of a year. It is the most unprocessed form of tea that comes with most of the health benefits that include efficient fluid balance, weight management, detox benefits and helps to fight most of the lifestyle diseases. Apart from this, it also contains anti-aging properties which is great for healthy skin and your overall wellbeing. Come and taste this exotic white tea blend that is sure to provide you an enriching experience like never before.

Chai Rose

Combine the goodness of rose petals, exotic spices and black tea in a single formulation of this unique chai rose tea blend. Sourced from the tea farms of Assam, this tea is both aromatic and flavourful.

Rose petals are good for the stomach and contain medicinal properties. Teamed together with a rare assortment of spices, this black tea is an ode for your health.

Ashna Spearmint Green Tea Blend

Gently twisted mint leaves blended together with green tea makes your soothing cup of chai quirky and flavourful. Don’t let the subtle flavour of classic green tea deter you from tasting, try a cup of Ashna spearmint flavoured green tea and you will be surprised!

Want a quick iced tea to break the monotony. Serve a refreshing and healthy iced green tea with minty flavours making it your own version of tea mojito!

Come and explore the world of tea with exotic flavours and delightful aroma. Tassyam offers an exquisite collection of tea formulation that will be too hard to keep away from.

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