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6 Interesting Ways to Eat Strawberries This Berry Season

What mangoes are for summer, strawberries are for winters. These red-coloured, sweet and a little sour berries not only look pretty and instantly brightens up your mood, but are also packed with nutrition and health benefits.

Strawberries have a high water content and a low carb content. They are a rich source of Vitamin C, manganese, folate and potassium. Not only that, they are also known to keep good heart health, improve blood lipid profile, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar level and may also prevent cancer.

Strawberries taste really good as it is but, let us share some exciting, easy and healthy ways to eat strawberries this berry season because you got to make the most of this amazing fruit.

1. Jams and Preserves

Jams, preserves or compotes are a good way to preserve fruits especially berries once the season is about to go. They can easily last in an air tight container kept in the fridge for good 1 month. Jams and compotes are also easy to make. A lot of recipes on the internet make use of a lot of sugar but, you can make by adding sugar according to your preference or skip them altogether to keep it healthy.

2. Smoothies

If eating raw strawberries feel like a lot of work for you in the morning or if you like to eat/drink things always on the go, then smoothies are definitely going to be your thing. They are healthy (if made with the right ingredients), absolutely yummy and require less than 2 minutes to assemble. Just take all the ingredients and blend. For added source of protein, top your smoothie bowl with Tassyam Rich Dark Chocolate Almond Butter or your choice of nuts and seeds our range.

3. Oatmeal

Oats can taste so good when made the right way and using the right ingredients. Ditch the pre-packaged oats, full of preservatives and artificial flavouring and make your own healthy strawberry oats using rolled oats and some fresh strawberries at home.

Shop for Tassyam Chia Seeds which are high in proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and calcium and will make for a great addition in these oats.

4. Strawberry and Granola Parfait

Parfaits are healthy, wholesome and nutritious and make for a great breakfast/quick snack/dessert. Yogurt, honey, granola, nuts/seeds and lots of seasonal strawberries make for a great parfait recipe.

To make it even healthier and nourishing, make your own granola using rolled oats, honey, nuts and seeds of your choice.

5. Salads

We know it might sound a little weird finding salad as an option here but, do not judge it till you try it. Strawberries add their sweetness and tartness to any salad recipe that you use and pairs well with almost any salad dressing and vegetables of your choice.

Shop Tassyam Black pepper powder that will work as a perfect condiment and elevate your salad experience.

6. Cocktails

After talking a lot about healthy meals, let's dive into some indulgence, shall we? Try different strawberry based cocktail recipes and impress your guests at the next house party you throw.

Let's us know what is your favourite way to enjoy everyone's favourite berries!

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