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6 Tassyam Masala You Should Always Have in Your Kitchen Pantry

The soul of Indian cooking are its spices and masala. And what is even more interesting is the fact that no two similar dishes cooked by two people with the same spices and masala blend can be same in taste. Well, that is the power of Indian spices and how you use it. Our ancestors really took the efforts to make their own masala blends for every dish they made from Biryani to Rajma and Dum Aloo to pav bhaji, they had a secret masala recipe for everything that was passed on by their grandmothers and mothers. Coming from nuclear families or living in a different city, we do miss the taste that reminds us of home and say "yes, that is how my dadi/nani used to make it. But, no more, because we, at Tassyam, have curated special masala blends for some of your favourite Indian dishes. Lets see what these masalas are and how you can use them.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani Masala

A good Chicken Biryani screams comfort to us, but making one with that long list of spices might seem discomforting to some. Fear not, Tassyam Hyderabadi Biryani Masala has got all the spices that go into making a good, hearty plate of Biryani.

You will not need to remember the names of all spices while grocery shopping and definitely not need to add any extra one while making your Biryani at home. Our Biryani Masala is made using finest, 100% natural and hand pounded Tassyam spices, which ensures the best flavour in every bite.

2. Mughlai Daal Makhani Masala

To make a good Dal Makhani, you need two things- lots of patience and a good blend of spices. A slowly cooked Daal Makhani gets the thick and creamy texture and Tassyam Mughlai Dal Makhani masala ensures you get the taste similar to the restaurants one.

3. Chana Chhole Masala

It is a Sunday and you are craving a hot plate of Chhole Bhatoore from your favourite shop. But, who would make the mistake of stepping out of home in this unbearable heat and ordering online does not seem a viable option because a soggy bhatoora is a big no-no.

Just for days like these, you should keep a bottle of Tassyam Chana Chhole Masala handy in your pantry. Made with 100% natural Tassyam spices, this masala will bring authentic Punjabi taste to your chhole.

4. Dahi Bhalla Raita Masala

TBH, it is unfair that there is no masala specially made for our raita and dahi bhalla. We actually got tired of having to sprinkle the same old chaat masala that just would not bring the Old Dilli taste. So, we took matters in our own hands and made this Tassyam Dahi Bhalla Raita Masala. It is what you need to get that absolute burst of flavours and get teleported to the streets of Old Delhi.

5. South Special Sambhar Masala

Getting the perfect taste in your Sambhar is something that takes years to perfect or maybe the right Sambhar Masala. Tassyam South Special Sambhar Masala is made with select and finest Tassaym spices that give you the perfect Sambhar taste everytime. Bonus points, you do not need to add any other spice during cooking. Isn't that great?

6. Jaljeera Masala

Golgappa is like an integral part of every Indian's existence. No wedding, street shopping experience or just a normal food tour is incomplete without having tried some pani puri from a street vendor. But, lets face it, post Covid, we have started having our own fears- whether the person making it following proper hygienic precautions, is the water even clean enough for consumption and so on. What do we do when we have so many questions in our mind? Should we just control our cravings? Absolutely not. Make your own panipuri at home with Tassyam Jaljeera Masala. Add 30gm of Jaljeera Masala to 1 liter of water and enjoy pure spicy and tangy bliss. Not only will this jaljeera mix satiate all your panipuri cravings, it is also good for digestion and helps in keeping the body cool during heat.

Let us know which masala is going to be next pick from Tassyam.com.

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