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9 Days Detox & Healthy Fasting

India is known for its rich festivals and culture.

Many festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirituality.

One such festival is Navratri.

Navratri means nine nights. It is observed in the honor of goddess Durga.

Navratri brings along with it a gush of positivity, happiness, fun and frolic.

Nine days of this festival is observed by praying to goddess Durga followed by doing the 'garba'and 'dandiya' at night with everyone. Girls, boys, men and women of all ages dress their best for the festival.

However, this festival is not restricted to just praying and dancing but also preparing, eating and sharing yummy food.

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We have also brainstormed and complied few healthy festive goodies which you can make on each day for Navratri.

Badaam Halwa.

You'll need :

1) Tassyam's Raw Almond Kernels.

2) 2 tbsp sugar

3) 1 tsp Tassyam’s green cardamom (powdered)

4) 4-5 tbsp ghee

What to do

1) Soak the almonds and peel off the skin.

2) In a mixer, blend almonds, sugar and cardamom.

3) Take the almond paste and keep it aside.

4) In a pan, heat the ghee and pour in the almond paste.

5) Stir it to avoid it from getting burnt.

6) Stir it until the paste thickens and you get a nutty fragrance.

7) Also, the halwa will begin to leave sides of the pan.

8) switch off the gas and let it cool a bit.

9)Garnish by placing halwa in a bowl and sprinkle chopped Tassyam ALMONDS.

Masala Dudh

You'll need

1) Tassyam's Trail Mix (or fry fruits of your choice from the Tassyam Pantry)

2) Tassyam's Green Cardamoms (powdered)

3) Tassyam's Cinnamon Sticks ( one stick powdered)

4) Tassyam's wild multi flora Honey (1tsp)

5) Milk to taste

6) Tassyam’s Kesar Strands (soaked in water)

What to do

1) crush or grind all the nuts in to a coarse powder.

2) In a vessel, add the powder, powdered cardamom and cinnamon, wild multi flora honey and Kesar.

3) Add cold milk.

4) Mix well.

5) Serve in tall glasses or Kulhads and relish the beverage!

Creamy paneer Delight

You'll need

1) 1/2 kg paneer ( as per quantity required - diced)

2) Tassyam's cashews.

3) One pack of cream

4) Tassyam's BRAAI masala

5) 2tbs ghee

6) Milk ( if required)

What to do

1) In a pan heat the ghee.

2) Make a paste of cashews and add in the pan.

3) Add the cream and mix well.

4) Let it thicken.

5) Add little milk to make the paste even.

6) Add diced paneer.

7) Cook for another 10-12 minutes.

8) Sprinkle braai masala.

9) Let it cool a bit.

10) Serve in your favourite bowl with an appropriate Indian bread.

Healthy Prasad

You'll need

1) Tassyam's assorted nuts and seeds and dry fruits

2) Tassyam's oats

3) Tassyam's sesame seeds

4) Tassyam's cardamom and cinnamon powder

5) Tassyam's muesli

6) Tassyam's coconut chews

7) Tassyam's Jaggery

What to do

1) In a pan add in the nuts, seeds and dry fruits . Roast.

2) Take another pan and add in oats and muesli. Roast.

3) Roast both of it until you get a nutty fragrance.

4) Take a huge bowl and mix both the mixes.

5) crush in Jaggery , add in the mix and bind it.

6) Add in some coconut chews and mix.

7) Your instant and yummy Prasad is ready to be served.

We hope that this Navratri brings in lots of luck and good health. We, at Tassyam, aim to make your lifestyle healthy and wealthy in taste and quality.

Happy Navratri!

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