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A health-ful birthday guide by Tassyam

We love celebrating birthdays. Birthdays bring in a lot of joy and happiness. On our birthday, we love going an extra mile on everything. Especially, food. We forget about our diets for that one day and indulge in our favorite delicacies which is often loaded with calories, sugar and fats. The next day we feel a bit guilty which increases over the week. Keeping the vibe of birthdays in mind and the healthy conscious soul, we at Tassyam bring to you a range of products that can make birthdays healthy and offbeat.

So go unconventional and celebrate your day with full enthusiasm and fearlessness.

1) Nutty-oaty - pancake.

You'll need

1) Tassyam Rolled Oats

2) Tassyam Berrymix

3) Tassyam’s array of nuts ( cashew, almonds, raisins, pistachios)

4) Tassyam's Wild Multiflora Honey

5) A pinch of baking powder and baking soda each

6) Half cup chilled milk

7) Tassyam Cinnamon powder

7) Butter for greasing the pan.

What to do

1) In a pan, add a little butter and grease it. Make sure you don't burn the butter.

2) Powder therolled oats.

3) In a bowl mix the powered oats, milk, baking soda and baking powder.

4) Once you have a semi thick batter add the honey (as per taste) for sweetness.

5) Add a pinch of powdered cinnamon.

6) Take a deep ladle, fill it up with the batter and pour it on the pan.

7) Once you see small holes / bubbles sprouting up, flip and cook it from the other side.

8) Similarly make 15-20 pancakes and stack one above the other.

9) Drizzle some honey and add nuts and berries as per preference over it.

10) A healthy and yummy alternative for cake is ready to be cut and eaten!!

Tassyam also has other products that can add a splash of flavours to your food.

1) Sprinkle Tassyam BRAAI Masala over your pastas and salads.

2) For beverages you have the exotic Chocolatea, Lemonade, Shanti Chamomile and a variety of green, fruit and flower infused teas that will surely please your taste buds.

Worried about last minute gifting or return gift treats - do not worry!

Tassyam brings to you the best quality gifts which include pillow cases, mugs, coasters, assorted nuts, spices and tea gift kits that will make gifting a memorable experience.

So this birthday, make sure to indulge your guilty pleasures and NOT feel guilty about it because when you have Tassyam to the rescue your health is kept safe and secure always.

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