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Ayurvedic Spices to Boost Your Digestion

For any digestive issues of acid reflux, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, Ayurveda resolves that the remedies lie in your kitchen.

In Ayurveda, the Agni or the digestive fire plays an important role in digestion. Whatever you eat can either nourish or strengthen this Agni or it can spoil it leading to a weakened or imbalanced Agni.

A simple diet of light foods, home-cooked with spices and ghee will help to foster the Agni or digestive fire. Here are some potent Ayurvedic spices that boost your digestive fire:

1. Fennel Seeds

The best remedy to combat bloating and gas issues, fennel seeds naturally stimulate digestion. That is why you will often find a bowl of fennel seeds mukhwas awaiting you at the door as you exit after eating meals at an Indian marriage or Indian restaurant. It is an extremely gentle spice that also supports a healthy lymphatic function and dispels flatulence. Tassyam’s gluten-free mukhwas is the best digestive remedy after gulping down a heavy afternoon meal. To satiate your sweet tooth, this mukhwas contains diced coconut chews along with fennel seeds.

2. Cardamom

Not only does this spice enhance the taste of the food, but also aids digestion. Its taste is most recognizable in a cup of chai tea as it neutralizes the stimulating effect of caffeine enabling better digestion.

When cooked into food, cardamom releases a unique flavour and helps to balance excess mucous, gas and bloating in the stomach. Tassyam presents you to green cardamom and black cardamom with fresh quality and delicious flavour. Add these little wonder pods to your food to add more life.

3. Cumin Seed

Referred to as the universal spice, ginger offers adverse health benefits. It produces a heating effect for the upper digestive tract with its pungent taste, but cooling and soothing for the lower tract because of its sweet after notes. Kindle the digestive fire and warm up your stomach with ginger lemon water before eating any meals.

At times when you don’t have access to ginger or lemon when you are traveling, Tassyam’s ginger powder and lemon powder will come in handy. Simply add a teaspoon of each in hot water and consume on the go. You can also add Tassyam’s Ground Ginger powder to any recipes that call for ginger.

These potent spices have been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine to curb several health ailments. Reset your digestive system by adding these spices and bid a farewell to your digestive issues.

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