Bhaiduj with Tassyam

Bhaiduj with Tassyam

Bhaiduj also known as Bhau Beej is a festival celebrated in India during Diwali or Tihar. It is similar to Rakshabandhan but however it is the sister who showers her brother with gifts. On this day sisters invite their brothers for a feast. Before the feast a small “tilak” ceremony is performed. The sister applies vermillion on the forehead of her brother,does his “arti” which signifies love,care and blessings from her side.

We do wish and pray for our brother’s good health but this Bhaiduj gift your brother supplies that will help him maintain a healthy lifestyle. Shower your brother with the precious gifts which he shall value and cherish for life. Gift him the WEALTH of HEALTH.

At Tassyam , we bring in the best of health products which will encourage your brother to shift back or start living in a healthy manner.

Tassyam is a family that aims at making healthy products to improve your lifestyle. We do not believe in preventing you from changing your diet. In fact we have moulded ourselves as per your taste and preference pattern in various ways which gives you the opportunity to select what you love to eat without feeling guilty after a yummy binge.

Tea-Addict – Brother

Tea refreshes you but too much of it may not always be good for your health. However at Tassyam we have an exquisite range of teas which are rich in aroma and flavour. These teas are naturally made and have no added colours and fragrance. Tassyam teas infuse a sense of tranquillity and calms your mind. A good cup of Tassyam tea before heading out for work or after a crazy day at work or during a stressful day at work is just perfect to settle your nerves and make you feel composed and relaxed.

Some of our teas are: Ashna organic green tea, Ashna Spearmint Green Tea, Black and Gold Bare Organic Black Tea, Chai Rose- Black Tea Blend, Lavender Hibiscus Green Tea Blend, Masala Green Tea Chai Blend, Oolong Rogue Tea Blend to name a few.

Pamper your brothers with the best quality tea and give him the freedom to drink as much as he wants too because these teas will just add more to his health in a good way!

Tip: Check out Tassyam’s gifting zone where in you can buy Tea-related mugs and coasters to make a complete hamper for the chai-addict brother! We at Tassyam are sure that this gift will make his day!

Breakfast Lover Brother

Who does not love having a sumptuous breakfast? A heavy and scrumptious breakfast is much needed to feel full and energetic throughout the day. However, unhealthy breakfast can make one feel sleepy and lethargic. With Tassyam make your brother’s breakfast eating habits super nutritious and healthy.

Tassyam has a wide range of oats and muesli which are extremely important for one. Oats and muesli can be eaten with milk or can be powdered and made into pancakes. Muesli can be mixed with peanut butter and spread over a toast. Such breakfast options not only are fulfilling but also highly nutritious. It can also be eaten when you are on the go or are getting late for work. Thus it saves your time and health together.

Brother who loves to munch!

Munching is not harmful but it does get bad when you are munching on the wrong food. Chips between the working hours or while travelling gorging on fried and unhealthy munchies won’t do any good for your body and skin. Gift your brother jars of Tassyam nuts and berries to keep him going when low. Cashews, walnuts, dates, goji berries, raisins, almonds, pistachios to name a few act as power-foods that fill your body with the much needed power. Thus pack in the jars of assorted nuts and berries for your brother and develop the habit of munching in a healthy manner.

Beverage Brother

Tassyam brings to you healthy beverages apart from teas. The Tassyam lemon powder is a convenient alternative instead of making actual lemon juice which probably your brother will feel lazy to bits if asked to do so. Order that Tassyam Lemon powder and stack it up in your brother’s kitchen so that he can drain the aerated drinks and relish the benefits of lemon!

This Bhaiduj bring in the magic of health in the life of your brother with Tassyam products. Let your brother know that you care and that how important his health is for you. Tassyam aims at making quality products and giving you an experience which one will never forget and simply want for more. Head to Tassyam and bring in tonnes of nutrition.

Happy Bhaiduj! Bond over the wealth and bounties of HEALTH!

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