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Black Pepper vs. White Pepper – Know the Differences

Did you know there are two types of pepper – white peppercorns and black peppercorns? Both peppercorns are berries derived from the Piper Nigrum plant. However, most are only familiar with the black peppercorn.

Black peppercorns are plucked from the plant when they are about to ripe and are sun-dried after picking which darkens their outer layer. On the other hand, white peppercorns, the outer layer of the berry is removed either before or after plucking them from the plant. It is then dried so that only the light coloured seed is left over. The outer layer of the white peppercorns is removed by soaking them in water or washing the skin with water.

Health Benefits of White Pepper White peppercorns like its black counterpart also come with several health benefits. Firstly it enhances appetite and promotes a healthy gut. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is used to treat constipation. It also aids in weight loss because of certain compounds called capsaicin which helps to burn fat. The regular intake of white peppercorn protects from several diseases including cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper The king of all spices, black pepper has the power to support weight loss, improving digestion, treating skin problems, asthma, respiratory disorders, cough, and cold. It also reduces the risk of cancer, heart and liver ailments. It helps to stimulate digestive enzymes and juices in the body.

Differences Between Black and White Pepper

1. Black Pepper is Hotter

If you have a milder palate, white pepper might be best for you since black pepper tends to be more fiery. Black pepper is richer and bolder releasing a lot of heat and flavour along with its strong aroma. On the other hand, white pepper is lighter, earthy and simple. It is used for adding flavour to dishes that just need a pinch of flavour.

2. Black Pepper Has a Longer Shelf Life

Whole black peppercorn tends to last longer than white ones because of the loss of the outer layer in the white pepper. It is more exposed than black pepper and tends to lose its flavour faster. That is why you always need to use fresh white pepper. As opposed to pre-ground versions, it’s best to use whole pepper with built-in grinders.

3. Which One is Better?

Both have their signature flavour and can be used in dishes as per your preference. While black pepper is suited for dishes that need extra spiciness, white pepper can be used for dishes that need light flavouring.

Also, black pepper needs to be added to dishes while it's cooking while white pepper is usually added once the dish is prepared as overheating it can make it lose its flavour.

Tassyam provides both white peppercorns and black peppercorns in whole and grounded form for you to add flavour to your dishes. Both peppers are distinct and have unique properties that can be used for any dish.

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