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Celebrate Independence Day By Buying Desi Products

The nation is all set to celebrate its 73rd Independence Day with great splendour. Now is the time to celebrate the spirit of being Indian and buying Indian. This independence day, why not try to buy products with an Indian touch and support the farmers and vendors of India.

To support you in this endeavour, Tassyam brings you to finest line up of products from exotic tea blends to desi spices from India’s best tea gardens and spice gardens. Tassyam believes in supporting our local tea estate plantations and stocks the for a healthy cuppa.

And, not to mention we have a special range of spices without any adulteration or added artificial flavours, preserving the originality of its freshness and flavour. So, come, let’s celebrate this independence day with the finest range of desi products from Tassyam.

Chai Rose

Right from the tea plantations of Assam, this healthy tea is infused with the flavours of rose petals and other rich spices. The flavour of this chai is sure to remind you of the small lanes of Indian spice markets and the rich greenery of Assam.

The soothing benefits of natural rose petals and its heart warming aroma is coupled with a good blend of black tea to produce a great tea for the monsoon season. The medicinal benefits of this tea is immense with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Simple brew it in water, add milk if you want or and consume it as black tea. It has a natural sweet flavour and it’s delicious to drink both in a hot or iced form. Go mellow with chai rose from Assam and be in the pink of your health.

Tassyam Pure Jaggery Cubes

Sourced from the finest sugarcanes of India, why not make something sweet for your tooth with pure jaggery or Gud to celebrate India’s Independence Day. Sweets made out of jaggery are not just tasty but also come with several health benefits as opposed to refined white sugar. Our jaggery is hygienically packed in reusable containers for a safe and secure use.

Support the sugarcane farmers of India by buying traditional Gud Jaggery in its purest form and sweeten your dishes in a safe way without any ill-effects. In India we always like celebrate festive occasions with sweet, so why not prepare a sweet with Jaggery this Independence Day as you relax and unwind the day off with your family and friends.

Basil Seeds

Honour the pure culture of India with the king of all herbs – basil seeds. Make a sherbet toast with a sprinkle of basil seeds for a chewy texture. You can also make an Indian tri-colour falooda with different fruits and flavoured ice cream along with basil seeds on top. This is sure to make for a great dish for kids and adults alike.

Black and Gold – Rare Organic Black Tea

For all you tea lovers, this tea is a classic signature tea straight from the dazzling hills of Darjeeling. An experience in itself try a cup of this classic gold tea steeping with a sweet flavour of Vanilla leaves.

Tea plantations in India offer an exotic fare of special teas with beautiful flavour and aroma that is not to be found elsewhere. Celebrate the spirit of Independence with this special Darjeeling tea blend and have a spiritful day.

Turmeric Powder

We take absolute pride in introducing the flavourful and healthful benefits of Turmeric to the Western World. The number one spice powder that is used as a standard staple in most of our food items is turmeric.

Tassyam brings you to natural and freshly ground turmeric powder at its best form for a pure and desi taste. Prepare Turmeric doodh or simply add it to your food and experience its difference. It is sure to remind you of the nostalgic era when your grandmother or mother grind their own turmeric in a mortar to prepare it fresh for food.

This Independence day celebrate the spirit of India by buying desi products that are sourced from the farms and tea estates of India. Let’s be proud of our rich heritage and cultural identity by celebrating with Food that is the trademark of the Indian culture. Jai Hind!

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