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Christmas Edition: Tea & Book Pairings

Reading Christmas themed books during the festive time is a delightful way to uplift the holiday spirit. There’s something magical about this time of the year. Curling up in the blanket with a Christmas Classic and your favorite cup of tea is just the most satisfying feeling ever. In an earlier post, we paired teas with different genres of books. In today’s post, we’ll pair teas with a list of Christmas books that are sure to delight and make your holidays extra special.

1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens pair with:Ashna Spearmint - Green Tea Blend

A Christmas Carol is a timeless classic and one of the most celebrated works of Charles Dickens. This novella is about a grumpy, selfish, melancholy old man called Scrooge who believes homeless people are worthless. He hates Christmas and is not generous to anyone including himself. The moral of this tale is to be generous and cherish what you have and to value friends and family. Enjoy this classic with a cup of refreshing and healthy Ashna Spearmint Green Tea.

2. Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou pair with:Chai Rose - Black Tea Blend

It is a beautiful and deeply moving poem which inspires us to believe in the goodness of humanity. It says that if we stand together, love, the strongest emotion a human being is capable of experiencing, will prevail. In this book, Maya Angelou celebrates Peace, which is inseparable from Christmas. It motivates us to look beyond caste, color, religion, politics and respect human life. Enjoy it with a cup of aromatic and heartwarming Chai Rose - Black Tea.

3. A Christmas Story by Jean Shepherd pair with:Black & Gold - Rare Organic Black Tea

The holiday film A Christmas Story, first released in 1983 is based on this book. It is an affectionate, wacky, and wryly realistic portrayal of an American family’s typical Christmas joys and travails in small-town Depression-era Indiana. This classic has entered our imagination and our hearts with a force. It is a beloved, bestselling classic full of humor and nostalgia. Pair it with Black & Gold Black tea which is a rare organic whole-bodied rich black tea with a hint of vanilla.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles M.Schulz Pair with: Lavender Hibiscus - Green Tea Blend

In this book, the whole Peanuts gang has some holiday surprises that will make you feel merry! Surrounded by all the trimmings of the Christmas season, Charlie Brown senses that something is missing. What is Christmas all about? Is it really just about the presents or the lights and other decorations? The season has become so commercialized, so he sets out to find the true Christmas spirit. With his friends, he discovers the reason for the season. Enjoy it with a cup of Lavender Hibiscus Tea which is a celebration of lavender buds and hibiscus petals.

5. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen Pair with: Shanti Chamomile - White Tea Blend

The Little Match Girl is a short story by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, which was first published in 1845. The story is about a dying child's dreams and hope. The story begins on a cold winter night; a small poor girl is trying to sell matches because she was ordered to do so by her strict father. She tried to sell matches, but because of the cold, she died on the frozen sidewalk. She tried to warm up with the matches which she held in her hand. When she lit each one of the matches, it pointed to those events that she always dreamed of. The most common was a dream of delicious food and warm clothing, but every time matches were extinguished, the magic would disappear. When she lit the last match, she saw her dead grandmother who loved her a lot and finally took her to heaven. Read this sad and endearing soul-stirring book with a cup of Shanti Chamomile Tea to make you feel calm and at peace.

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