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Everything you need to know about Bundt Cakes | Tassyam

Bundt cakes, now a Christmas Classic, have been claimed to have existed even during the time of the three wise men!

What is a Bundt Cake exactly?

It is a common misconception that Bundt cakes are made from a special Christmas Recipe. If you go by the Jewish-American cookbooks, which had first popularized the dessert, it is any cake batter that has been baked in the doughnut-shaped Bundt pan.

Then why are they still so special if it can be just any cake?

Well, the secret lies in the clever design of the pan. A traditional cake, made in a round cake tin or a loaf tin, starts cooking from the edges that are touching the metal surface, gradually cooking towards the centre. As a result, it is either undercooked at the middle or has a giant cracked bump from of all the air bubbles that were pushed to the centre.

While the Bundt pan, just like a dough-nut, has a tube going through the middle called the chimney, hence the cake cooks evenly from all sides. Thus, you get a uniform texture and a smooth mouth feel.

You can fill the center with any dessert sauce and voila, you have an easy lava cake.

What are the best Bundt cakes to make?

  1. The Good Old Pound Cake: One of the easiest recipes to follow, originally being a pound each of all the main ingredients. These Bundt Cake slices make the perfect high tea snack for your lovely get-togethers.
  2. A Devilish Self Saucing Chocolate/Caramel Bundt Cake: Pick your favourite chocolate cake recipe and bake it in a Bundt pan. Fill the centre with a coffee chocolate ganache or a salted caramel sauce. If this is the recipe for you, we suggest you use Tassyam’s Roasted Arabica coffee Beans for the ganache or Tassyam’s Himalayan pink rock salt for the caramel sauce. Garnish with some chopped nuts of your choice and you have the star of your New Years’ dinner party.
  3. A Christmassy Bundt cake: The same chocolate cake you love, but with some Christmas magic! Add in a few tablespoons of Tassyam’s Cinnamon powder to the batter for that festive feeling, drench the cake in a dark rum, coffee and sugar concoction for that cosy warmth and finish it off with a dust of snowy icing sugar.
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