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Feed some Seed

"Your stomach requires as "munchies" a healthy feed,

Tassyam brings to you it's nutritious seeds"

Seeds are the most underrated competent in the world of food. Little do we know that these tiny bits are actually super foods that keep us going when we feel lack of energy in between the day. It is these that pep us up by lifting up our nearly dead bones and soul by injecting power and strength.

Gone are the days when seeds were considered to be the food of birds. It's time to stock up our jars with nutrition if we actually want to take care of our body.

We don't really pay attention to small actions like munching away junk and sipping aerated drinks. We feel that we may sweat it out in the gym .However, before this arises it's time to take a small step for a bigger and better way for our body.

At Tassyam, we help to make your food tastier and lifestyle healthier by making minute changes. Changes that are good for a healthy well being.

Tassyam brings to you a range of seeds which will revive and reshape your "munchy menu" in a nutritious way. These seeds will increase the nutrient value in your diet , reduce the junk content and eliminate it slowly.

Here are some of the seeds from our rich in health Tassyam pantry :

(1) Chia Seeds

-Chis seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, omega -3 fatty acids and various micro nutrients.

-Rich in antioxidants it helps to fight the production of free radicals.

-Chia seeds are 40% fiber by weight thus being the best source of fiber!

-Being high in protein, chia seeds are good for weight loss as it can help reduce unwanted cravings.

-You can eat chia seeds by adding it in smoothies, milkshakes and puddings.

(2) Basil Seeds

This black -tear shaped seeds are rich in protein, carbs, essential fats along with fibers.

-Being rich in antioxidants, it helps in controlling diabetes and is good for the skin.

-Basil seeds reduce body heat. During summers, adding a spoonful of chia seeds in the water bottle acts as an instant cooler and energy giver.

-Its also known to naturally detox your body and regulate smooth bowel movements.

-Basil seeds are full of iron, vitamin K and protein. These minerals are essential for long and strong hair.

(3) Flaxseeds

-A good source of many nutrients -flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3fats,lignans and fiber.

-Omega -3 essential fatty acids have been shown to have hear healthy effects, minimise skin rashes, irritation and redness. It also helps to heal a wound faster.

-High in both soluble and insoluble fiber, it supports colon detoxification, fat loss and reduce sugar cravings.

-Sprouting flax seeds are more rich in protein.

-One can powder flaxseeds and in yogurt, smoothies and oatmeal.

-A tablespoon of flax seed powder can be added while preparing the dough for pooris, parathas, rotis and breads.

(4)Raw pumpkin seeds

-Raw pumpkin seeds are a rich source of fiber that prevents constipation and benefits digestive health.

-Benefit of eating raw pumpkin seeds over roasted one is that the raw seeds contain vitamin E that's a fat soluble vitamin which keeps the cardiovascular system healthy .

-It also contains Vitamin K which helps to stimulate blood clot formation after tissue damage.

-Pumpkin seeds are used in salads, soups, sandwiches for a texture and good flavour.

-You can combine 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds, 1garlic peeled and smashed, 1tsp Dijon mustard, 1tsp olive oil, 2tsp water, salt as per preference and blend it into a smooth paste.

This can be eaten with cream crackers, used as spreads or dips!

At Tassyam we aim at giving you a healthier lifestyle in a yummy way.

Tassyam pantry offers you tasty and nutritious treats in its best quality.

So what are you waiting for?

Store your kitchen with healthy goodies from Tassyam.

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