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We all love gifts don’t we?

Be it birthdays, anniversaries, festivities, weddings or any occasion – we do love receiving and giving gifts.

Buying gifts may at times be a task especially when we do not know the person so well. Whenever we decide to gift someone we tend to do a mini research on what the person likes or is interested in. However, this may not always work and we may end up giving a gift which either would not be useful to the person or not liked by the person.

In this crazy situation – Tassyam comes to the rescue. Apart from bringing to you the best of health beverages and food supplies, the team at Tassyam brings to you the best and most useful gifting options through its TEWARY!

  • Gift for the Decor obsessed friend

Let us accept it that we all have a friend who is super neat and loves setting up the house. Whenever you go out, that friend has to pick up something for the house as a “decor” piece. Now, you can add to their collection too! Tassyam through its Teawery brings to you the most quirky and fun pillow cases which will not only add a pop of color to the sofa set but all grab eyeballs of those who walk into their house. The cushion cases are so soft and made of good quality. The cover is easy to wash and the colors do not bleed.

  • Gift for the Tea/coffee lover

Tassyam through its Teawary has an amazing range of mugs and coasters. Gone are the days when drinking tea or coffee would be poured into glasses. Come and have a look at our fantastic range of tea inspired mugs that will add an oomph factor to you r tea parties and sleep over. Mugs and coasters can be a clever gifting option too. Everybody loves a good mug that firstly has a quirky quote, secondly is colourful and thirdly is made of good quality that is that it will not crack if hot drinks are poured or the colour of the mug won’t fade away! The same goes with are coasters. Time to save your tables from the tea-coffee stains and throw the plain coasters away. Get our unique wooden coasters along with the mugs and make it a perfectly cute gifting combination for your near and dear ones! (p.s we also have monthly-inspired birthday mugs for grabs!)

  • Gift Box

Diwali may be over but the love for candles and dry fruits? Never. Tassyam has curated this beautiful gift box which consists of a candle, one box of imported cranberries, one box of black and gold loose tea leaf and one box of afghan seedless green raisins. We all love inhaling a good fragrance. Bring in this box and gift someone on their house-warming parties or during a festive occasion. Pour in a long lasting aroma along with a note of health care through the dry fruits we have added in for you!


  • Time to go eco-friendly!

Instead of spending money on gift wrapping papers – one can go eco friendly and wrap up gifts with newspapers and tie a jute thread as a bow . This will not only be an eco friendly initiative but also add a rustic vibe.

  • Cloth too serves the purpose of wrapping. A beautiful piece of cloth can be used to wrap a gift and a ribbon can be tied in the form of a bow to make it look even more aesthetic.
  • There is no dearth of brown paper or brown paper bags. These are the best go to when it comes to wrapping gifts. Remove that brown paper from your kitchen shelf and wrap up the gift. Next cut a tip of a lady finger and dip it in a colourful paint. Press it on the paper to get a print of lady finger base. Print it all over the brown paper and viola you just diy’d a gift paper. Similarly you can get creative and personalize it!
  • To the friend who loves travelling- you can take a map as your wrapping base and cover up the gift. Trust us; your friend shall be excited to receive it!
  • You can turn your kid’s art work into a wrapping base for your family members. Nothing can get more warm and personal than this.
  • Make use of that carton lying in your storeroom. Paint it with bright colours and neatly store in your delicate gift to make it look even more classy and beautiful.

Had a rift?

Why don’t you bring a smile with Tassyam’s gift!

So hurry up and stock up your gifting shelf with amazing products from Tassyam that shall go along way and stay evergreen!!

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