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Gola Replacement For Rakhi - Coconut Innovation!

Rakshabandhan is not just a festival - it's a feeling of trust and togetherness between brothers and sisters.

It triples the love and affection shared and makes the bond stronger each year.

By getting the symbolic "rakhi" tied around the wrist - Rakshabandhan takes off for a day long celebration of fun and frolic.

Brothers and sisters have a unique connection. They are each other's families, best friends, critics, teachers and "wall of strength". They may fight with each other but cannot stay away from each other for long. It's the endless love which ties them closer for life long.

Without sweets, any festivity is incomplete and so is Rakshabandhan celebrations which includes a lot of sweets.

Eating and sharing of sweets is integral in Rakshabandhan because it also depicts the sweet bond between brothers and sisters.

However, with the ever increasing consciousness growing towards ones health one avoids relishing sweets.

At Tassyam, we aim at not restricting you from your joy and thus have brought in a huge spread of sweet delicacies which not only taste delicious but also are nutritious and low on calorie.

So it's time to bid goodbye to the regular everyday sweet and tie a new bond with Tassyam's range of Healthy Yummys :

1) Tassyam's coconut chews are sure shot competitors to nariyal ladoos.

Healthy and low on calories - Coconut chews will surely make a place in your heart and every day diet because not only it is lesser in terms of calories but also has nutritional benefits. Coconut chews are easy to carry unlike ladoos which not only have a lesser shelf life but also crack and crumble up.

2) Tassyam has a huge range of dried fruits which are roasted (oil free) and in fresh form. You can make your own dry fruit bars by choosing the best of dried fruits, dates & oats.

Powder the oats and mix with dried fruits and mashed dates. Roll it into balls or desired shape and let it set in the fridge for 10 minutes. Your healthy and rich replacement for chocolates this Rakshabandhan is ready!!

3) Ditch those unhealthy aerated drinks and switch to Tassyam's Instant Lemonade and ChocolaTea.

Take a glass of chilled water, add a spoonful of lemon powder and mix until dissolved. Top it up with a sprig of mint and your healthy drink to quench your thirst is ready!

ChocolaTea will satiate the craving of chocolate. Instead of making high calorific milkshake - make ChocolaTea just the way you make tea and trust the team at TASSYAM you ain't going to look back after sipping this.

Make Rakshabandhan healthy sweet this time with Tassyam.

Apart from the range of healthy alternatives we also make gifting unique and simple.

There's a range of coasters, mugs and pillowcases waiting to spoil you!

At Tassyam we believe in quality and thus we assure you that you'll be highly satisfied on receiving these products at pocket friendly prices.

So go ahead and celebrate this Rakshabandhan in an unconventional way.

Break the age old tradition of mithais and opt for nutrition and gift health and safety!

Also, make gifts worth remembering and something that won't be passed on.

Stay healthy and happy!

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