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Gourmet Spice Powders by Tassyam

All plain and no spice, make your food very dull and flavourless. So, why not spice it up a little with these exotic range of spice powders by Tassyam. All our spice powders are ground to perfection and can be used as seasonings on your meals, snack and sandwiches to add more pizazz.

1. Onion Powder – Extra Strong

Use onion powder in any recipe that calls for fresh onion flavour. It is an essential seasoning for sandwiches, soups, stews, ground meat burgers, curries, salad dressings and more. One tablespoon of onion powder is equivalent to a half a cup of chopped fresh onion.

No peeling, no chopping and no watery eyes. Our extra strong onion powder is ground from whole red field-grown onions without any additives. Bring on this spice powder to your kitchen pantry as an additional asset that will prove to be incredibly useful.

2. Braai Indo African Seasoning

South Africans love to braai or indulge in outdoor barbeque cooking to celebrate it as a social gathering. The traditional braai use wood for cooking the meat or vegetables and add exotic seasoning to make it a lip-smacking delight.

Get your hands on this exotic South African spice-mix handmade in India. Enhance your curries, use it as a seasoning on your meals or use it for barbeque marination. This special spice-mix is all you need to whip up home-styled panner tikkas, aloo tikkas or rub them on meat to have it the bbq way!

3. Napoletana Pizza Seasoning

Straight from the lanes of Naples in Italy to your kitchen, this exotic pizza seasoning can be used to enhance the flavour of pizza, pasta and many other dishes as per your preference. This gourmet spice powder has a unique blend of Italian flavours along with Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and a bit of lemon zest for an exotic flavour.

There are no artificial preservatives in this blend, so you can be rest assured of its original taste. If you are an Italian food buff, this Napoletana Pizza seasoning mix is a must-try.

4. Tomato Powder

Name one ingredient that’s packed with savouriness, ripe sweetness along with a touch of tangy twist. If you answered tomatoes, you are right. Who said you always need to keep a fresh stock of perfect red tomatoes at home? You can simply keep a jar of Tassyam’s Spray Dried Tomato Powder and use them heartily.

Simplify your cooking needs with this fine grade spray dried tomato powder made from fresh tomatoes. Add a natural tanginess and twist of the tomato flavour to your homemade pakoras, onion rings, dips, soups, salads and more.

5. Garlic Salt

Need an easy way to wake up the flavour of bland gravies, sauce or curries? Here’s Tassyam’s garlic salt grinder for your dish that needs an easy oomph. Use it any dish that calls for regular salt at the stove or your dining table.

Tassyam’s Garlic Salt grinder begins with whole quality heads of raw garlic along with pink Himalayan rock salt granules. Grind it yourself in the reusable grinder bottle and add it to your dishes. Finish sauteed vegetables with a little garlic salt and black pepper for a wholesome taste.Get ready to lick your fingers!

Get Creative

Try the above gourmet spice powders from Tassyam and make your cooking more interesting. Experiment with different spice powders to add a unique finishing touch and taste to your food. We are sure that you and family will be coming back for more!

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