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Happy TEAchers Day

Good values to us they teach ,

life lessons to upatientlys they preach .

They correct us when we are wrong,

when weak they motivate and make us strong.

Politely and patiently they answer to the hundred questions we ask ,

guide us and help us in all the tasks.

Like a parent they take care,

like a friend with them our worries we share.

They spend their lives in making ours,

teachers are equivalent to the shining stars.

Teachers day in India is celebrated on the 5th of September.

Teachers day calls for showering all your love and respect on your dear teachers.

Irrespective of your fears towards the subject, your teacher made sure you enjoyed it.

Your teacher made sure you've eaten your lunch and then ate hers.

Your teacher not only remembered your birthday but also of each and every member of your family.

Your teacher felt the pain when you bruised yourself and was dismayed when you fell short.

However, the belief she had for you stayed untouched and no matter what she motivated you!

She made you believe in your dreams and helped you achieve it.

But is it only limited to your school?

Not really. At tassyam, we believe that teachers day is extended to all those who've helped you grow and become the person you are today.

It covers all those who have brought a positive change in your life and made a place in your heart forever.

This teachers day, show your immense gratitude for all these beautiful souls by gifting them happiness through tassyam.

Tassyam brings to you a range of white tea, green tea, oolong tea and many more straight from the high elevation garden of Darjeeling and Assam.

Gift your teachers a cup of calmness with these exotic teas because being on toes with kids isn't an easy job!

Tassyam also has dry fruits in store for you. Who doesn't love munching on dry fruits? Also, it's a healthier alternative to sugary snacks! Tassyam's dry fruit collection includes cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, apricots, oil free roasted nuts, walnuts, trail and fruit mixes and much more.

So give back that pack of energy to your teachers in the form of dry fruits and remind them that along with taking care of students, they need to take care of themselves, too!

Teachers begin their day early, they miss their sleep, finish their work, brave the cold and heat, come up with extremely innovative ideas, leave the bed when sick so that the students don't miss out on anything. For this selflessness, gift your teachers the much needed power food from tassyam's cereal collection.

This teachers day, make gifting memorable by making it evergereen.

Celebrate teachers day. Tassyam style!

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