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Healthy-wali Happy Diwali

It's that time of the year again when we kick off with the house cleaning ritual way before the "D" day. However, this ritual doesn't bring along a gush of laziness but instead it brings along a breeze of happiness, love, lights and new beginnings.

You got me right! I am talking about the much awaited and loved festival - "Diwali".

Great efforts are taken to tidy up the house and beautify it in every possible way but what about ourselves? Wearing new outfits and getting a makeover will just help you to look prepped up from the outside. What about the inner you? It's time we think about ourselves in and out. It's time we prep up ourselves to look beautiful from within by staying healthy.

Tassyam brings to you Healthy alternatives which will make this Diwali a "Healthy-wali". Tassyam has handpicked and curated products which will not only mark a fresh beginning of a healthy you but also for your near and dear ones in the form of 'Diwali gifts.'

We spend a lot of time when it comes to gifting. Often, we fail to realize what the other person actually needs. At times, we spend a lot on a gift which may not always be useful. However, Tassyam has made it super easy for you. Tassyam brings to you the evergreen range of Dry Fruits which never fail to impress and express your feelings and make a clever gifting option.

Tassyam boasts of a huge range of dry fruits which are home grown and handpicked to maintain the top quality. These dry fruits are roasted, toasted, coated in salt and everything is done Oil-Free to maintain healthy standards. To make Diwali gifting easy and worth every penny, we have brainstormed and brought to you a classic Red Box of four rich dry fruits ( Cashews, Raisins, Almonds and Pistachios). This box requires no packing because the outer covering gives the festive feel itself. Also, the dry fruits are neatly packed and sealed in packets which protect them from air, moisture and other climatic conditions.

Dry fruits are healthy and the best alternative when it comes to munching between meals. Diwali means letting yourself off from the 'diet ban' but gifting dry fruits show that you care about the others' health and that you're doing your bit by giving a share of nutrient rich dry fruits.

Also, dry fruits can be eaten in many ways. Firstly, you can simply eat it in its raw form. Secondly, you can always toast it with oats and eat it like a healthy snack. Thirdly, you can powder it and mix in chilled milk and drink it. And lastly, dry fruits can be a healthy alternative to your cupcake toppings instead of other sugar loaded toppings.

So what are you waiting for?

Head to our website and stack your cart with healthy goodies for gifting others and yourself too!!

"In a different way we'll celebrate the festival of lights and sweets,

As Tassyam brings to you delicious and healthy treats!"

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