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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Goji Berries

Native to Asian countries, goji berries or wolfberries are slightly sweet-sour berries with a vibrant red hue and have been used in traditional medicine for over thousand years. With more and more research that is being done, goji berries have started getting the much needed attention and are being used in supplements and almost placed in the category of "superfoods". But, why are goji berries so good for your body and why should you start consuming them? Let's see.

Benefits of Goji Berries

Highly Nutritious- Goji berries are an excellent source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They have protein, fiber, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Iron is required by the body for transporting oxygen and production of healthy RBCs. Both Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for boosting immunity and act as anti-oxidants. Maintains eye health- Goji berries might help in maintaining eye health and protect against disorders like macular degeneration, an eye condition that can lead to vision loss. Goji berries are also packed with anti-oxidants like zeaxanthin, which help protect your lenses and retinas against damage caused by UV rays, free radicals and oxidative stress.

Promotes healthy skin- Goji berries contain beta-carotene, which helps in promoting healthy skin, it also reduces skin irritation and slows down ageing.

Improves quality of sleep- According to a study, goji berries can help in providing quality sleep, enhance ability to focus and reduce anxiety.

How to consume Goji Berries?

Goji berries are mostly available in their dried form and are very easy to add to your diet. You can add them to your cereals, yogurt bowl, smoothies and granola. They work great in desserts like muffins, scones, breads and brownies. If not any of the above, then goji berries taste great as it is, just grab a handful and munch on them. Tassyam Goji Berry are 100% natural and have no added flavour and colour. Shop them here.

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