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Here's What You Can Gift Your Loved Ones From Tassyam Gifting Range This Diwali

Gone are the days when people gifted Soan Papdi to their loved ones that was later on left in a cupboard for days and forgotten about or was passed on to other relatives like a game of 'passing the parcel'. Curating gifting options has now become a process people invest their time into, keeping in mind the changing lifestyle, eating habits and disorders that the other person might be having.

We, at Tassyam, understand the value of every gift and your idea/emotions behind choosing it. And therefore, this festive season, we have specially curated our exclusive gifting range that will not only bring a smile on your loved one's face but also add value to their lives. Check out the following options to send your loved ones the gift of health this festive season!

1. The Happiness Pack- Pure Tisanes

Tassyam's Happiness Pack contains two premium quality teas- Chai Rose tea and Chamomile tea. Our teas have no artificial flavour and colour, which makes it a perfect gifting option for all tea lovers. The Chai Rose tea is a classic Assam Black tea made with a concoction of Rose petals and select spices. It has great healing properties and keeps the body warm, making it an ideal beverage during winters.

Our Chamomile tea is a blend of Chamomile and Rose petals. Chamomile has been known for its benefits in soothing menstrual pains, controlling blood sugar levels, helping with sleep and relaxing the body.

2. The Happiness Pack- Salted Dry Fruits

The Salted Dry Fruits box contains 100% natural and oil-free roasted cashews and pistachios, making it a healthy snack option. Apart from being munch-worthy, our dry fruits are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Tassyam Roasted Salted Pistachios are a good source of calcium, riboflavin, Vitamin B5, Folate, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Our Salted Cashew Nuts are roasted with Himalayan Pink Salt and is packed with over 80 vitamins and minerals that prevent muscle cramping, aid in proper metabolism, strengthen bones and improve blood circulation.

Do you need any more reasons to make your relatives addicted to this healthy munching?

3. The Happiness Pack- Tea and Dry Fruit Gift Set

This gift set is the best of both- teas and dry fruits. It contains Chai Rose tea and Chocolate coated Roasted Almonds. The chocolate coated almonds are the perfect blend for when you want your loved ones to cheat on their diet but without the fear of gaining calories.

4. The Happiness Pack- Dry Fruit Gift Set

Kaju and Kishmish is a match made in heaven and we really wanted to keep this heavenly combination while curating this festive gift box. All our roasted nuts range is oil and sugar-free and roasted with Himalayan Pink Salt. In addition to the benefits of these nuts, Himalayan Pink Salt is known to improve respiratory diseases, balance body's pH, improve sleep quality and regulate blood sugar levels.

Golden raisins are perfect as it is and can also be used in Indian sweet dishes like kheer and halwa or baked desserts like cookies and cakes.

5. The Happiness Pack- Salted Dry Fruits

Are Diwali parties complete without a bowl of salted dry fruits? Definitely not! They are not only delicious but also a sign of being a good host. This gift set of Roasted Almonds and Roasted Cashew Nuts is undoubtedly a premium option to gift this festive season. We are sure your loved ones will love you even more for gifting this healthy munching option.

6. Tassyam Tea and Dry Fruit Gift Set

This Luxury Gift set has got the perfect combination of teas and dry fruits- Lavender Hibiscus tea, Golden Milk Powder, Dried Apricots and Chocolate Coated Roasted Almonds.

The Lavender Hibiscus tea is infused with the powerful aroma and flavour of lavender bud and hibsicus petals. Hibiscus is packed with anti-oxidants and is great for maintaining good liver health, promote weight loss and fight bacteria. Lavender, on the other hand, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, boosts immune health and detoxifies the body.

Do you remember drinking haldi-wala doodh as a kid during winters or when you had an injury? Our Golden Milk Powder is inspired from that same haldi doodh. It has got Ashwagandha, turmeric and jaggery apart from some other spices.

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that has anti-cancer properties, alters immune system and help in calming the brain. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient. The best of both these ingredients along with the natural sweetness of jaggery is loaded in this powder. A warm cup of the "golden milk" is all you need to stay fit this winters.

You can also customize this box with your picks from our website. For custom orders, contact us on +91 70111 86470 or drop an email at!

7. Tassyam Rose Gold Luxury Gift Box

The Rose Gold Luxury Gift Box has packs of Mangalore Cashews, imported California Almonds and Green Raisins i.e. luxury and health combined. You can also customize these boxes according to your preferences! Just contact us on +91 70111 86470 or drop an email at!

8. Tassyam Diwali Dry Fruit Box

This dry fruits box is a mix of everyone's favourite dry fruits- cashews, almonds, pistachios and raisins. This one is an ideal gifting option if you want to play safe and stick to the classic because these dry fruits will surely never disappoint.

This was our specially curated gifting range for this festive season, but hang on, this is not it. If you are looking for any customization or bulk gifting options, you can always contact us on +91 70111 86470 or drop an email at and we would love to curate gift box according to your taste and preferences.

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