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Here's Why The After Meal Tea is Going to be Your New Family Tradition

We Indians have so many ways to end our meals- eating sweet dish or mithaai, chewing on some fennel seeds or paan (a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nuts and/or mukhwas) to name a few. Taking forward this culture, we have created our After Meal Tea, which is not only a flavourful but also a healthy way to end every meal.

Made with the famous Darjeeling green tea and flavoured with spearmint, fennel and jasmine flower, Teawery After Meal tea is 100% natural and contains no artificial colours.

Why try the After Meal tea?

As listed above, this tea is infused with spearmint, fennel seeds and jasmine- all of which work together to boost the digestion process, thus making it an ideal drink to haver after your heavy and delish meals. Spearmint is a minty herb which helps relieves symptoms of vomiting, nausea, indigestion and gas. It is also a rich source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Apart from giving your mouth a fresh breath, it can also fight bacterial infections.

Fennel seed or saunf is packed with fiber. According to a study, about 6 grams of fennel seeds contain 2 grams of fiber. They also have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Pretty cool for such tiny seeds to have so many benefits, right? Jasmine derives its name from the Persian word Yasmin which means "gift from God" and for time immemorial this flower has been used for its healing and uplifting properties. Jasmine is rich in anti-oxidants which interact with the gastrointestinal enzymes to facilitate better nutrient absorption and boost healthy bowel function. The fragrance of this flower has been proven to improve mood, de-stress and calm down anxiety. It can also calm the nerves, thus, giving a better sleep.

Usage Instructions

The most effective way to use the After Meal tea is by adding 2g of it to hot water (boiled to 90-95C) and allowing it to steep for 5 minutes. This will serve about 2 to 3 cups and is best enjoyed after meals as the name suggests.

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