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Homemade Soups 101 ­| Broth Basics 3 | International Soups

Soups, unfortunately, have a reputation for being boring. Especially among young people, often assumed to be something which only older people enjoy. And this assumption could not be more wrong!

Soups are a delicacy that goes as far back as the history cuisine itself, with its first evidence in China. In the modern world, soups are just as classic as they are contemporary and offers a fascinating array of flavours and ingredients worldwide.

From the spicy hot and cold soups of South America to the nutritious lentil soups of South Asia and the Middle East, delicious soups bring the world together.

Let’s walk through 5 beautifully evolved soups from around the world.

  1. Tom Yum, Thailand: Originating in Thailand with elements of Chinese Cuisine incorporated, this soup is a must-have. A Spicy and tangy broth flavoured with Thai staples like kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass and more. Served with prawns and garnished with coconut cream, this soup has yum in its name, what else can you expect!
  2. Mulligatawny, India: A South Indian innovation, literally meaning pepper and water, this soup rates high on the nutrition index. A selected amalgamation of lentils and vegetables like potatoes and drumsticks spiced heavily with warm spices, this lentil broth is perfect for your breakfast, dinner and lunch.
  3. Gazpacho, Spain: A roman contribution to Spain, this unique soup is served cold and is prepared by blending tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, vinegar and oil. It is thickened with soaked bread and garnished with cilantro. It can often be an acquired taste, so get ready for a culinary adventure.
  4. Onion Soup, France: This may sound simple but this soup is, yet again, an example of the mastery of flavours that the French possess. Sliced onions are simply caramelised for long hours, then chicken or beef stock is poured into the pan and cooked. A thick layer of grated cheese is sprinkled over the soup and gratinated. Finally garnished with croutons, this soup is a prime example of simple delicious cooking.
  5. Miso Soup, Japan: A Japanese breakfast staple, is a clean tasting thin soup. It is prepared with a select few ingredients: miso paste, dashi broth, nori and tofu. Miso is a fermented soya bean paste, while dashi is shavings of dried fish infused in hot water and nori is dried seaweed.

Now go ahead and try one of these out! Or maybe all of them.

Until Next Time.

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