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How to get your pizza toppings right | Pizza Topping Ideas | Tassyam

Toppings to a pizza are like personality to a person, without it’s still great, but will you remember them? Probably not. Like, that person you met at a party whom you promised to be in touch with, but kind of forgot about them. No one wants to be that person and most definitely a pizza would not want to be them either.

If you have been following this series, you must know how to get that pizza base right as well as the sauce. If not follow the links:

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So here are a few suggestions that will give your pizzas their final touch-ups and make them the person in the party who everyone’s talking about (in a good way).

1. Classic Margherita

I know, there’s not much to a Margherita when it comes to toppings. But this classic pizza has an ingredient that often gets undermined due to its simplicity. YES, I am talking about those gorgeous shrivelled up leaves of Italian basil. A Margherita pizza is symbolic of the Italian flag, the red representing the sauce, the white is the mozzarella cheese, while the green represents the basil. Just like how the flag cannot be Italian till it has green, in the same way, the pizza cannot be called a Margherita without the earthy aroma of fresh basil leaves. Don’t forget to drizzle olive oil over your pizza!

2. Sausages and cured meats

One of the best pizza toppings are sausages and cured meats, like bacon or prosciutto. You can either use sliced pepperonis to crumbled Italian sausages or anything else that you can get your hands on! Prosciutto goes very well with greens like arugula or rocket.

3. Anchovies and mushrooms

A combination that does not quite make sense until and unless you have tried it, this pizza topping is a wave of umami. It’s like when an ocean tide meets a tropical beach. A perfect combination of fishy and earthy flavour. Generously sprinkle sliced mushrooms over a pizza and even place strands of anchovies. While using anchovies, a little goes a long way as they are quite salty, so do not add extra seasoning to your pizza!

Last but not the least, just do your thing! Find your signature combo through which you will be remembered, even after the party!

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