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Instant Chocolate Cake with Tropical Fruit Mix

So, it was my pregnant Sister-in-law's b'day the other day and her hormones were at their peak ;p

To cheer her up I decided to bake her a cake but I didn't know how to :D

Thus, I experimented and succeeded, thanks to Tassyam's Tropical Fruit Mix! The recipe is as follows :)


# 4-5 Oreo Soft Cakes

# 100 ml Chocolate Cakes

# Handful of Crushed Wheatflakes

# Tassyam Tropical Fruit Mix


1) Layer the cakes in a square/rectangle pattern.

2) Douse it with a generous amount of chocolate sauce and freeze for 10 mins.

3) Sprinkle the crush wheat flakes once the sauce is set.

4) Garnish with dehydrated strawberries, black currants and orange slices from Tassyam Tropical Fruit mix.

5) Chill for 10 more mins. and VOILA! Instant Birthday Cake is ready to serve.

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