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Kombucha: Just Another Fad or Something That is Here to Stay?

With the ever-changing lifestyle of people, discovery of new ailments and food disorders, the whole food culture keeps evolving. Every six months or so, the world is introduced to new diets- keto, intermittent fasting, new food alternatives- soy milk, almond milk and sourdough. One such addition to this new food culture is Kombucha. This word has created a lot of buzz in the food industry in the last few years. But, what is Kombucha? Is it another fad or is this health alternative here to stay and slay?

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened green or black tea known for its multiple health benefits. It is produced by fermenting sugared tea using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) also known as mother or mushroom. Drinking kombucha has been associated with numerous health benefits-

  • Good source of Probiotics Kombucha is made by fermenting by specific strains of bacteria, yeast and sugar with green or black tea. This fermentation process goes on for weeks which produces acetic acid and some levels of carbon dioxide that make it carbonated.

A large amount of bacteria also thrives during this process, specifically lactic acid bacteria which is proven to have probiotic functions. These bacteria can improve digestion, inflammation and even promote weight loss.

  • Contains antioxidants Our body can produce free radicals that can damage our cells. Antioxidants fight these free radicals in the body. Kombucha has a high amount of antioxidants and some rat studies show that these antioxidants reduce liver toxicity by at least 70%.

  • May protect against cancer A lab test study claims that kombucha helped prevent the multiplication of cancerous cells due to the high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants. Polyphenols are believed to block gene mutation and growth of cancer cells.
  • Contains benefits of green tea Green tea is one of the key ingredients while making So Fermata kombucha and green tea, in itself, has multiple health benefits. Drinking green tea on a regular basis has proven to increase the number of calories burned, reduction in belly fat, controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

How to Source Kombucha?

Kombucha is now easily available online and offline at many cafes and grocery stores. Many people also attempt making their own kombucha at home but that comes with a lot of risk due to high chances of contamination. It is, therefore, advised that you do your own research properly before taking up the task of making your kombucha from scratch.

At Tassyam, we have got different flavours of So Fermata Kombucha made using organic teas and sulphurless sugar and each flavour comes with its unique health benefits. Apple cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon clove, mint ginger, curry leaf ginger, masala chai, haldi ginger and mango - all these wonderful flavours from our kombucha range make an ideal choice to replace your aerated drinks and sodas now.

We also have a range of caffeine free kombucha which are brewed from pure tisanes i.e. rose petals, chamomile flowers, blue butterfly pea flowers and hibiscus petals are used to brew the base tea for the kombucha! Rose, Chamomile, Blue butterfly pea flower and Hibiscus kombucha are the new additions to our kombucha family, so give them a shot for your gut health! :)

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