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Make easy chicken pickle at home | Naga and Andhra Style | Tassyam

If you are a non-vegetarian living in South India or North-East India, Chicken pickle is something that you can swear by. If not, this is a great time to make some for yourself and relish the spicy, tangy and meaty goodness of the very famous maasu ko achaar or simply chicken pickle.

If like me, you are also a person who has had a fair share of experience with “failed pickles”, sure that any new pickling venture that you take is going to lead to just another rotten fungal mess, then chicken pickle is the perfect experiment to try out to restore your achaar making confidence.

Today’s recipe is a fusion between the Andhra Style and the Naga Style, both with very distinct flavours and yet they make a perfect amalgamation. The Andhra version has a signature blend of spices while the Naga variant is famous for the addition of the famous Naga King Chilli and fried garlic pods. So, if you are already a fan of your local style, why not switch it up and make it a cross country cultural fusion!

It is a one-pot recipe because who likes to clean a pile of dishes anyway.


  1. Diced Boneless Chicken Breast – 500 gm
  2. Mustard Oil – ½ Cup
  3. Salt- 1 tbsp
  4. Tassyam Turmeric Powder- ½ tbsp
  5. King Chilli -1 whole (Ghost Chillies can also be used)
  6. Garlic Paste- 50 gm
  7. Ginger paste- 50 gm
  8. Garlic Pods, peeled- 10
  9. Vinegar- 4 tbsp

Spice Mix:

  1. Tassyam Cumin Seeds – 1 tbsp
  2. Coriander Seeds- 2 tbsp
  3. Tassyam Premium Dried Red Chillies - 4
  4. Fenugreek Seeds- ½ tbsp
  5. Tassyam Premium Handpicked Cloves- 2
  6. Cinnamon- ½ inch
  7. Tassyam Black Pepper- ½ tbsp


  1. Roast all the spices in a wok and grind it into a coarse powder.
  2. Marinate chicken in salt and turmeric.
  3. Heat mustard oil in the same wok till it smokes, and add chicken and fry on medium till golden brown. A little Charring is okay.
  4. Strain out the chicken and sauté the ginger and garlic paste in the remaining oil, add the whole garlic cloves, and then add in the chicken.
  5. Cook for another 5 minutes.
  6. Add the previously made spice mix, chopped king chilli and cook for 15 more minutes, till oil separates.
  7. Pour in the vinegar and season with salt if required.
  8. Let it cool down and store in clean airtight jars.

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