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Onam Sadya Festive Special- Dates Kheer

This is the best time of the year with several popular Indian festivals around the corner. Marking the beginning of the festive season with the Ganesh Chathurthi festival, now is the time of another important festival – Onam.

Onam, the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala is well-known across the world for its rich tradition, flower carpet, banquet lunch or the Onam Sadya. It is celebrated to commemorate the annual homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali, the grandson of Bhaktha Prahlada.

The traditional Onam Sadya or banquet lunch that is prepared on the tenth day of Onam is resplendent with a variety of dishes spread on a traditional plantain leaf. It is one delicious feast that is truly to be enjoyed. Here is a unique kheer or payasam that you can prepare to celebrate Onam.

Dates Kheer is a very simple sweet that can be prepared not only on Onam but on any occasion and the best part is that it is sugar-free with loads of health benefits.

Dates Kheer Recipe

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

Serves – 2 to 3 people


1 Cup Dates or About 15-20

2 Cups Milk

1.5 Cups Water

1 tsp Ghee

10-12 Chopped Cashews and Badam

1/2 tsp Raisins

1/2 tsp Fresh Cardamom Powder

1 tsp Dessicated Coconut


1. Soak dates in 1/2 cup warm milk for 15 minutes. Set aside.

2. Meanwhile chop the nuts and a couple of dates. Heat ghee in a pan, add in the nuts and dates. Fry till crispy. Set aside

3. In the same pan fry 1 tsp of dessicated coconut

3. Transfer the soaked dates to a mixer. Grind it to a fine paste by adding little milk that was used for soaking.

4. Boil the milk and let it cook for five minutes in low flame. Then add the dates paste

5. Mix it thoroughly in low flame and cook for five to seven minutes till the mixture becomes slightly thick.

6. Then add in the roasted nuts and dates along with the roasted coconut. Also add cardamom powder. You can also use coconut milk instead of roasted dessicated coconut.

7. Give a quick stir and switch off the flame. Cool it if you want or serve your dates kheer warm.

Yummy sugar-free dessert is ready!

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