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Food is an integral part of our lives. It is not about eating to just fill up our stomachs. It's about relishing each morsel that holds the essence of culture and traditions woven and passed on by generations.

Food has evolved over the years.

Simple flavours have been made exotic. New aromas have been pampering our sense of smell. However, one aspect remains constant and essential when it comes to cooking and dining and that is the usage of SPICES.

Spices are as important in food as air is required for breathing.

Spices blend in with fragrance and rawness of the food to provide a soul enriching eating experience.

Spices uplift the food and give it a unique makeover each time it's prepared.

Spices splash in the rustic and earthy vibes to the food and remind one of the simple, authentic and mesmerising flavours that satisfy the stomach.

Spices may be small in size but they have a gigantic impact on the food to be prepared. Their small size also give a message that despite all the riches one needs to stay humble and spread the beauty.

At Tassyam we bring to you the best quality of spices.

Tassyam has the most natural spices that do not contain artificial flavours and colors.

Spices at Tassyam are 100% in it's natural form and packed with utmost care.

Here are some of the exquisite spices from our huge range along with its benefits :

1)Black Pepper Powder

Extensively found in Kerala in India and Vietnam being the world's largest producer - Black Pepper is used both in food and medicines. The spicy -heat flavour is derived from Piperine.

1)Black Pepper is an important healthy spice as it has antioxidant,antimicrobial and gastro-protective elements.

2)Black Pepper has Vitamin C and A, flavonoids that help in removal if harmful free radicals and protect the body from harmful diseases.

3)It eases digestion by helping one digesting the food faster.

4)It helps in relieving one from cold and cough.

A spoonful of crushed black pepper, honey and turmeric mixed and eaten instantly relieves one from cold and flu right from its roots.

5) Black Pepper can also be crushed and sprinkled on Pasta, butter milk, chaats and used as a marination for meats and sea food.

2) Himalayan Rock Salt

Mined in Jhelum district, Punjab - Himalayan Rock Salt is used to flavour the food. It's also known as pink salt because of its pale pink hue.

It's high in sodium which is important for the body It also helps in regulation of blood volume and pressure too.

Since it's usually found in small chunks or granulated -it while making soups can be added in its granular form or sometimes crushed and added while preparing meals.

Now a days it's added in chocolates and cookies for a beautiful sweet -salty amalgamation.

3)Extra strong coriander powder

Coriander powder is an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine and very few dishes are made without it.

Coriander powder helps in digestion.

It's rich in Vitamin C and K and protein.

Not everyone is a fan of coriander leaves and thus the powder does the work by giving it the nutrition and aroma.

4)Tamrind Powder

It's a unique spice mostly used in Indian and Asian cuisine.

It's sour, spicy and sweet which is perfect for chaats, sauces and marination.

The powder can be added in pulses to give it a tangy twist.

The powder can be mixed with water and used as the sweet chutney for paani puris and sev puris .

5)Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is basically dehydrated garlic crushed into fine powder with salt added in it.

Garlic powder is added in a number of sauces like pizza and pasta sauces, while cooking vegetables and pulses.

Garlic is low in calories and rich in Manganese, Vitamin B6 and C.

Garlic also helps to combat cold.

Studies have found that garlic supplements have a significant impact on reducing B.P for those with high B.P.

At Tassyam, we bring these and many more spices from our pantry right at your door step sister that you have a fine dining experience everyday. Also, we believe that you deserve the best and Tassyam promises to deliver the best quality spices to you in order to maintain your health and taste.

"It's time to make your meal extra delicious and nice,

Through the zing and flavours of Tassyam spice! "

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