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Tassyam Rolled Oats - Versatile Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Ingredient

Our lives have become hectic and it will get more packed with each passing day. Everybody wants and aims to achieve the first place in this crazy rat race. Our body, in this process has sadly become mechanical. Instead of enjoying to the sweet bird chirps we have conditioned our ears to the shrills of alarm clocks and traffic jams.

Life's become so fast paced that we've left our health behind.

Today, we may have everything around us which makes communication easy and buying -selling faster and much more accessible but sadly what we do not have is the most precious component - our health, which indeed is the real wealth

We take ourselves for granted.

We feel it's "okay" to skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes, we feel that skipping meals make us thin. Sometimes, when a meal is skipped we tend to overeat junk which in turn spoils our health.

However, these small errors can be erased by embracing Tassyam, where we take care of your health by bringing to you delicious and nutritious snacks and food items to make your meal wholesome.

Speaking about wholesome, nothing can beat OATS.

Oats make a Fulfilling and Healthy meal.

Oats do not take much cooking time and are a super food if you're someone who's always on the go!

Tassyam brings to you Rolled Oats and Vegan Crunch Granola With Honey Rolled Oats.

Firstly, what are rolled oats?

Well, in simple words, rolled oats are oats that have been crushed and husked.

Secondly, why Tassyam's oats?

At Tassyam we bring to you Quality products and budget friendly prices.

We aim at making healthy eating a fine, delicious yet a pocket friendly experience.

Tassyam's oats are home grown, handpicked and packed with utmost care.

We ensure that our products are Natural and hence no artificial flavour or chemical is used.

Oats are rich sources of carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Oats help to lower cholesterol levels and improve the blood-sugar control. Since oats are full filing it caters to weight loss because it prevents you from binge eating junk.

The team at Tassyam have curated a recipe to make oats even more yummy and tasty for you.

Buttermilk Oats Pancake

You'll need

1) Tassyam Rolled Oats ( check Tassyam pantry for a variety of options)

2) One cup all purpose flour

3) Tassyam cinnamon powder (a pinch)

4) Tassyam cardamom, a pinch (powdered)

5) Sugar (powdered)

6) Tassyam Toasted Trail Mix or Seedmix

7) Tassyam Wild Multiflora Honey (one spoon)

8) Buttermilk (as per consistency of the batter)

9) Butter for greasing the pan.

10) Baking powder and soda (one pinch each)

What to do

1) Heat the pan and grease it with butter.

2) In a bowl mix the oats, all purpose flour, cinnamon and cardamom powder, sugar powder, baking powder and soda.

3) Add buttermilk and make a pouring consistency batter.

4) Take a ladle and pour the batter in the pan.

5) Cook well from both the sides before removing it off from the pan.

6) Drizzle honey, nuts and seeds.

7) Your wholesome and quick buttermilk and oats pancake is ready.

Quick tips

1) Oats can always be toasted and mixed with nuts and stored in air tight jars. This is a healthy and quick binge.

2)Oats can be used in cake or cupcake batter too.

3) Oats can be used as healthy sprinkles over tarts and pies.

4) Oats can be powdered, toasted and mixed in milk while making shakes or smoothies.

"When you have Tassyam oats,

You're without any doubt sailing in a healthy boat!! "

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