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This Dhanteras give the WEALTH of HEALTH with Tassyam!

Dhanteras is the first day that marks the festival of Diwali in India.The festival is celebrated by performing the”Lakshmi” puja This day is extremely auspicious to buy gold/silver articles or utensils as it is believed that the “Dhan” or wealth will bring good luck along with it.

This Dhanteras give yourself and your loved ones the wealth of health.

Nothing is more blissful than having a good health. Only if you are healthy – will you feel happy and also spread the happiness. A healthy mind never feels low, a healthy body never feels lethargic and a healthy soul always attracts positive vibes. Being healthy does not mean making gym your second home, starving yourself and cutting down on all the things you like to eat and drink. Being healthy is all about making small and smart changes in your lifestyle and being consistent in it.

To help you stay consistent in building a healthy lifestyle –Tassyam steps in. The Tassyam family believes in bringing a healthy change within you but by not bringing any changes in what you have been doing daily. Instead we at Tassyam have moulded our products in such a manner that you will not feel aloof from your daily habit and would be reaping all the nutritious bounties!!

Tassyam brings to you a huge range of teas, spices, dryfruits and seeds which are loaded with amazing healthy benefits for one’s body. All our products are of good quality and are 100% natural. We do not add any artificial colour or fragrance. Tassyam wants to revive the practice of healthy eating and living amongst all because we have noticed that in this hectic life we have everything but sadly no time for maintaining our health. Only if you are healthy will you have the motivation to go out, do something, thing appropriately and feel fresh. An unhealthy body emits nothing but the stench of laziness and is always grey. We make sure that our products are accessible to everyone and hence we maintain affordable prices. When it comes to health, one should always select the best. Tassyam products without any doubt are the best because of its consistency. Just the way we want your healthy to be consistently good, we want to maintain the supreme quality of our products.

Celebrate this Dhanteras in a different but memorable manner. Exchange the wealth of health through Tassyam’s products and make your loved ones and near and dear ones feel that you care for them and want them to be healthy always. Gift them our aromatic and full of flavour teas which heals the body by calming our mind and de-stressing it. A good cup of tea is always the best start to any day. Also, a good cup of tea is the perfect way to unwind a stressful day. Hence at Tassyam we bring to you a variety of tea which will sooth your soul and pamper your taste buds. It will also help you get rid of that painful headache, stubborn flue and make you feel light and fresh.

Our nuts and seeds make a perfect “go-to-munch” option and you shall forget the taste of that deep fried bag of chips or unhealthy options available. We often feel hungry and stretch out to the unhealthiest option available to satisfy our cravings. However the plain and roasted range of nuts, mixed nuts, berries, mixed berries, seeds and mixed seeds will just make you feel so much fuller and healthier. Also, you will not feel bloated or lethargic which will keep you going throughout the day!

The spice range has good quality and 100% natural range of powdered and full-form spices which will add a natural colour and flavour to your food. Spices are the main ingredient of any food preparation. However in this day and age to find un-adulterated spice is tough. However, when it comes to Tassyam we believing providing you the best and maintain your health.

Thus, this Dhanteras ensure that the wealth of health is passed on from you to others just like we have passed it on to you.

With Tassyam come and spread healthy smiles,

Our products will reach to you safe despite the miles.

In maintaining your health is what we believe,

Tassyam’s healthy products will definitely give you a relief!

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