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Top 10 Superfoods To Boost Your Healthy Diet

Food is not just a means for sustenance, it also has the power to transform, uplift and heal you. At its best, the right food in the right quantity can empower you to look and feel better.

Tassyam has a wide range of superfoods that pack a punch when it comes to its nutrition density. Superfoods come with several health benefits and score high on energy without too many calories. They tend to keep you full for a long time and beat the hunger pangs efficiently.

And, that’s why we call them ‘super’ foods as they contain important nutrients and enhance a healthy eating pattern.

Here are the best superfoods you can try for a ‘super’ version of you and the health benefits of superfoods:

1. Berries

High in Fiber, this sweet treat adds cheers to your life with their rich colours. They contain antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients. Even diabetic patients can consume a small serving without feeling guilty about its sugar content. This is because the sugar in berries releases glucose in a controlled way without spiking your blood sugar as opposed to other sweets that contain refined sugar. The Tassyam Superstar Super-berries include cranberries and goji berries.

2. Walnut

As implied by its shape, this super nut is good for the brain function. They have the right balance of healthy fats including Omega-3 Fatty Acid, vitamins and minerals and that’s just the beginning. Besides, they also help to improve the good bacteria in your Gut. Tassyam offers premium walnut kernels and you can munch on these as snacks or add them to your food for a wholesome benefit.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is well-known for its medicinal properties and rich in antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds for a strong anti-inflammatory effect. As we are exposed to too much environmental toxins through the air, food and water it becomes essential to detox and a soothing cup of green tea helps to cleanse you internally. We have green tea in several flavours infused with other herbs and in an organic form as well.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

Small in size, but mega in benefits, this superfood is packed full of valuable nutrients. Eat only a handful of them for your daily dose of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc. They are associated with several health benefits including heart health, fighting cancer and managing diabetes. What’s more, these seeds can be consumed as snacks or be incorporated into your diet easily. Add them in your cereals or breakfast for a great start of your day.

5. Whole Grains

Replacing refined grains with whole grains has been associated with several health benefits. Whole grains include whole wheat, oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice and more to name a few. Work these healthy grains into your diet to prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. We at Tassyam prioritize your health and offer you the best start to your day with a healthy bowl of super fruit muesli. This wholesome breakfast is based on rolled oats, a whole grain known for its heart-protective benefit.

6. Coconut

An unsung hero, coconut is criticized for its high saturated fat content. But, it contains several other nutrients including fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc. Also, its saturated fat content is a healthy form of dietary fat that gets rapidly broken down and absorbed in your system. Coconut oil is not just the only way to get this superfood in your diet, Tassyam’s Coconut chewsmake for a great addition to your food.

7. Chia Seeds

Another valuable superfood from the seed family, these tiny seeds deliver a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories. In fact, ‘chia’ is an ancient Mayan word for strength and it is named rightly so. They are packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fat, calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous to name a few of its nutrition content. Top it off in your cereals, muesli, porridge and smoothies.

8. Almonds

This superfood is liked by kids and adults alike and is the king of all nuts for the right reason. If you are a fan of gluten-free and keto-friendly products, then almond is the best choice for you. You can munch on these as healthy alternatives to snacks or make cakes, desserts and other food items with it.

9. Black Pepper

An underrated superfood, this super spice was one of the more highly prized spices during the peak of the spice trade. A few dabs of this spice in your food not only enhances its flavour but also provides amazing health benefits by improving digestion and fighting diseases. Tassyam provides black pepper grinder bottleso that you can add fresh ground pepper in its raw form to your food and reap its benefits.

10. White Tea

This healthy tea is sourced from the buds and known for its low-caffeine content. It is even richer in bioflavonoid anti-oxidants and produces a metabolism-boosting effect to assist you with better weight management. Aptly named as Shanti, Tassyam’s Rare Organic Silver Needles White Tea delivers a calming effect on your body and is vivid with natural flavours of apricot and citrus.

Tassyam has a wide range of superfoods in its best form that can easily make its way into your dining room table or kitchen. Consume these superfoods today and experience its difference for yourself.

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