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4 Varieties of Quinoa You Need to Know About

Almost everyday we come across a new term, a new diet or a new food product that claims to be healthy and blend well with our ever-changing lifestyle. With so much information that keeps taking round on the internet, it gets tough to decide what will really works for you and what will not. One such new term that has gained a lot of importance in the last few years is "quinoa". While quinoa is an ancient grain, its popularity has been quiet recent and for all the good reasons. Check out this blog that talks about quinoa in detail. In this blog, we will discuss about the varieties of quinoa available on tassyam.com and which one will suit you and your lifestyle best.

1. Tassyam Peruvian Black Quinoa

Tassyam Peruvian Black Quinoa has a slightly sweet flavour and earthier texture. It keeps its intense black colour even after cooking. They are slightly fibrous and get its distinct colour from anthocyanins, which have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants. Black quinoa remains crunchy and holds its shape after cooking, so they go great with cold salads and recipes that need the grain to retain its shape.

2. Tassyam Peruvian White Quinoa

White Quinoa is the most common variety available, it looks little tan than white and, is therefore, sometimes called as ivory quinoa or golden quinoa. It has the most delicate taste in comparison to the other varieties and also cooks up a bit fluffier.

The fluffy texture and mild flavour makes white quinoa a perfect choice when replacing rice in dishes. This variety of quinoa also takes the least time to cook. If you are a beginner at trying quinoa, we suggest you start experimenting with white quinoa, not only is it easily available but also milder in taste, and then you can move on with the intense and darker varieties. This variety is known to boost digestion, is a good source of iron and aids in tissue growth.

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3. Tassyam Peruvian Red Quinoa

Tassyam Peruvian Red Quinoa has a relatively chewier and heartier texture, richer taste and holds its shape better after cooking, making it a perfect choice for salads or dishes that require the grain to retain its shape. It also has a nuttier flavour when compared to white quinoa and takes on a brownish hue after cooking. This variety of quinoa takes 2-3 minutes more than white variety to cook.

Red quinoa was very popular with the Inca warriors, who ate a combination of lard and red quinoa, which gave them strength and energy. It is a good source of phenolic compounds, which get easily absorbed by the intestinal walls and is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Tassyam Peruvian Tricolour Quinoa

As the name suggests, Tassyam Peruvian Tri Colour Quinoa is a mix of three varieties of quinoa- red, white and black. This variety of quinoa has got three different texture, flavour profiles and taste, although it gets a little tricky in terms of cooking because all three have different cooking times. That is the reason why it is suggested to try the tri-colour variety when you become a pro in the world of quinoa.

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