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Vata, Kapha or Pitta- Which Body Type Are You?

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic medicine which is still widely used not only in India but the Western countries as well. According to Ayurveda, the world is made up of five elements- fire, water, sky, earth and air.

A combination of these five elements result in doshas or humours in the body, known as vata, kapha and pitta. In Ayurveda, these doshas are considered to be the cause of a person's physical, psychological, mental and emotional health. Now, these doshas are never in a perfect balance in a human's body. One of them is always dominant than the other two and understanding this ratio of these three doshas in the body is what helps in achieving optimal health.

1. Vata

Vata body is mainly comprised of air and space and is characterised as cold, dry, flowing, rough, spacious and light. Autumn season represents vata for its dry, cold and crisp days. People with vata dosha as the prominent dosha are generally described as slim, energetic and creative. They think out of the box, are quick learners, multitasker but also get overwhelmed easily, suffer from digestive issues like gas and irregular appetite and have poor circulation causing cold feet and hands.

According to Ayurveda, a vata-dominant person, in order to achieve optimal health, should follow a regular healthy diet, practice stress management through meditation and yoga and avoid cold weather and consume warm foods and liquids. Warm foods like berries, banana, oats, eggs, dairy products, peaches, brown rice are good to be included in diet.

2. Pitta

A Pitta body represents fire and water and is commonly described by hot, oily, sharp, mobile and liquid characteristics. Hot, sunny days of summer season represent pitta. People with pitta dosha dominance are athletic in nature, natural leaders, have quick metabolism, good blood circulation, healthy hair and skin, highly motivated and focused but also have an aggressive and tenacious nature.

To live healthy life, a person with pitta body should avoid hot and oily foods and try maintaining a work-life balance. Light, cold, energizing foods like fruits, oats, eggs, non-starchy vegetables are highly recommended.

3. Kapha

Kapha is based on earth and water and described as steady, stable, slow, cold and soft. Spring season best represent the kapha dosha. People with kapha as the dominant dosha are caring, strong, are known for being support system to others, think before acting and go through life in a slow manner. They are wise and happy with a strong immune system and bones, but they can also be prone to slow metabolism, over-sleeping, weight gain, breathing issues like asthma and allergies and also need motivation and encouragement.

To achieve good health, a person with kapha body should indulge in exercise, eat a healty diet, maintain warm body temperature and have a regular sleep cycle. Spicy, acidic and filling foods like whole grains, eggs, fruits, vegetables, low fat cheese and unprocessed meat to be included in diet in moderation.

While Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicine to exist, it is still recommended you consult a nutritionist or an expert before making any major changes in your lifestyle.

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