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You Have Got All The Reasons to Make Peanut Butter Your New Breakfast Main

Either you love peanut butter or you hate it, if you fall in the first category, congratulations this blog is made just for you. And if you fall in the latter, then also this blog is for you because maybe all the reasons that make peanut butter so healthy is definitely going to make you eat it. So, hang on till the end!! :)

1. Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a spread or paste made with ground roasted peanuts and may have added ingredients like sweeteners, salt and/or emulsifiers to enhance the taste and texture. It is a nutrient-rich food with high levels of vitamins, proteins, fiber and dietary minerals. Peanut butter usually comes in two variants- the smooth and creamy one and the chunky one with small pieces of peanuts.

  • Aids in weight loss- Even though peanut butter has the word "butter", it does help in weight management, give that you check what ingredients go into the peanut butter you eat. Because it has fiber and proteins, peanut butter suppresses hunger by keeping you full for longer.
  • Lowers risks of diabetes- Peanuts and peanut butter have positive results in controlling blood sugar levels and therefore, might be helpful in reducing the risks of diabetes.
  • Boosts bone strength- Peanut butter is highly rich in calcium and iron, which helps in transporting oxygen in the blood, ensuring that the bones are healthy and strong.
  • Ideal for bodybuilders- Bodybuilders and people who are into fitness swear by peanut butter. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain 8g of protein, 2g of dietary fiber, 208mg of potassium, 0.5g of iron and 188 calories with very less sugar. It works as a great post-workout snack and quick fix for calories and instant energy.

Tassyam Organics Peanut Butter is made using all-natural ingredients- premium quality peanuts, 100% organic certified jaggery and salt. It has NO preservatives, NO added oil and NO refined sugar. It is perfect to jazz up your meals with the perfect balance of health and crunch.

2. How to eat Peanut Butter?

Not only is peanut butter healthy, you can add it to your diet in so many interesting ways. While digging into the PB jar with a big spoon or slathering your morning toast with some creamy goodness remains the best way to use it, these are some of the ways you should definitely check out.

Breakfast- Getting your daily dose of protein and good amount of energy first thing in the morning sounds good, doesn't it? You can add peanut butter to smoothies along with bananas, kale, milk of your choice, ice and some protein powder. This will make for a good pre-workout smoothie as well. Add a spoonful of PB to your oats, granola or breakfast cereal or swirl some of it in your pancakes and get enhance your breakfast experience.

Lunch and/or Dinner- Might sound weird to some people, but PB is a great addition to salads. Make a quick and easy peanut butter sauce or dressing with Tassyam Peanut Butter, soy sauce, honey, lime juice, vinegar and red pepper flakes. This dressing can be added to literally any salad you like and you won't even regret it.

Evening snack- The 2-hours before dinner are really weird, you are hungry but do not want to eat something heavy that will make you skip dinner, but you also want to curb those hunger pangs. Try eating a crunchy fruit like apple with peanut butter. Or make yourself some protein bars at home and store as evening snacks.

Desserts- Peanut butter has also the ingredients that make it and easy addition to your regular desserts. Not only that, you can make desserts with PB as the main hero. Cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, pudding, crepes, mousse, brownies, chocolate bars- the list is endless and combinations worth trying. So, did we convince you into buying a jar of Peanut butter and giving it a try today?

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