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Tassyam is the world's first unconventional and amalgamated gourmet food & beverage brand with a focus on providing a holistic experience to the consumer. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “तस्स्य” (Tassya), which means “for you”, Tassyam has been created for you, keeping your needs and preferences in mind. The prices of the products as well as the quality, everything that is done as part of Tassyam, is done for you, the consumer.

Goel United Spice Trading Office (GUSTO), our parent company, is a vertically integrated Indian brand with a global outlook. ‘Gusto’ is a term that originated from the Latin language, and signifies good taste or pleasure. Today, Gusto 1940 stands for Goel United Spice Trading Office, while still holding true to the original definition of the word.

Tassyam, took shape in 2016 as a result of love for bringing authentic food products to your table using modern technologies while keeping their traditional roots intact. We wanted to create a brand which is a one-stop shop for all things healthy and nutritious, and where quality is never compromised. What sets us apart is the immense experience of 80 long years that we have behind us. Tassyam, founded by Pallavi, Tanya & Ayush, is the fourth generation iteration of an 80 year old Indian family business founded in the alleys of Old Delhi in 1940 and led by Lt. Lala Laxmi Chand Ji.

  • Tanya Singhal

    Lawyer & Co-Founder

  • Lt. Shri Lala Lxmi Chand ji

    Mentor & Guide

  • Ayush Gupta


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Hingwale - Specialised Hing/ Asafoetida (Asafetida)

Our flagship product is Hing (asafoetida). Our forefathers developed recipes for the production and processing of hing to create flavours that are not found anywhere else. Those traditional recipes have been passed on through generations, and are the same recipes which we use to create a variety of hing under ‘Hingwale’. From compounded hing powders to raw hing crystals, each variety of hing has a different flavour profile than the others to suit the needs of the myriad Indian cuisines.

Spices & Seasonings

We also have a large variety of spices and seasonings available as part of our portfolio. All our spices and seasonings are hand-pounded or grounded without the use of any fillers or colours. We believe in being transparent with our consumers and can proudly say that our products are all natural.

Dry Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

Our selection of dry fruits, nuts and seeds is also enviable. We source our products from all over the world including Afghanistan, USA, Turkey etc to ensure authenticity. For instance, our walnuts from Chile and figs from Afghanistan are simply the finest. And because every item is hand sorted, what you’d get in your order would be nothing but the best. We also have a variety of seed mixes and our Iconic trail mixes.

Exotic Teas & Tisanes

Our teas and tisanes are an experience in themselves, as you will surely find out when you try them. Our tea journey started with the tea sommelier Helena Morano from Spain, with whom we experienced teas in a new light in 2015 and later perfected our tea blends in a collaborative effort. Today, from flower based and herbal teas like rose, lavender, chamomile to premium teas like elaichi and masala chai, we take pride in the experience that our teas inevitably create. We like to play with different flavour profiles, and that’s how we also decided to offer the option of getting creative with their own custom tea blends to all our consumers.

Vandy’s Preserves & Baking Essentials

Our pickles under Vandy’s Preserves are traditionally made using the best of spices and ingredients, and the recipes we were entrusted with by our grandmother. You are sure to taste our dadima’s love in all are preserves. Our nut butters and baking essentials also form part of our product range, which are popular not only at our customers’ homes but also with hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and chefs.

So Fermata - Kombucha & Fermented Products

Tanya recently added fermented products to our ever-growing portfolio under the brand ‘So Fermata’ to foray into probiotics and gut health related foods. We know and understand the importance of keeping our guts healthy, and aim to bring to you handcrafted fermented foods such as kombucha so that you can gain the most out of our products. Our kombucha is made using traditional methods in small batches to maintain quality and provide the most authentically fermented product.


​Dr. Quacks Antidotes - Essential Oils & Lifestyle Products

At Dr. Quack's, we believe that sustainable living practices should extend to every aspect of our lives, including personal hygiene. Our eco-friendly products are made from all-natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin while being highly effective in keeping you clean.


​Over the years, we have obtained various certifications such as FSSAI, Spice Board of India, US FDA, India Organics, RSOCA, and Jaivik Bharat. These certifications are indicative of the high quality standards that are maintained at Tassyam. We are proud to deliver products of such impeccable quality!

Nothing brings us more joy than knowing that Tassyam’s products are making a positive difference in the lives of our consumers, and that is all we need to keep doing what we love to do- offer Tassyam to you.


NotreStudio is our collective canvas of Ayush, Tanya & Pallavi, showcasing the essence of our family's heritage and creativity. Explore our diverse ventures, each telling a story of tradition, innovation, and the shared passion of our family.

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