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Extra Strong Shahri Hing

Extra Strong Shahri Hing

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Ultra premium Hing. High Potency. From Tassyam. Hing is a strong spice integral to the Indian cuisine and also extensively used in many a folk systems of medicines like Ayurveda. Hing or Asafoetida is extracted from several species of Ferula, native to Afghanistan and it's neighbouring regions and then has to be carefully processed. Our Hing is prepared using secret recipes developed and perfected by Lala Laxmi Chand Ji "Hingwale" in 1940. Using a blend of traditional methods and modern technologies, we create products so unique and impeccable that even we can't better them. These recipes have been handed over from generation to generation and require both hard-work and a colossal amount of passion to be perfectly effectuated. Presenting you our Shahri Hing. Buy Hing with free home delivery option.

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