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Tassyam Organics

Tropical Fruit Mix 250g

Tropical Fruit Mix 250g

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Introducing healthy munchies from your favourite brand. Owing to our experience of blending teas with flowers and spices (at Tassyam Teas division), along with the help of sommeliers and chefs in Europe, we have now created some crazy fruit blends. These sweetened dehydrated and dry fruit treats are a great alternative to candies and synthetic sweets. We've used only the highest grade fruits seasoned with sulphurless sugar and hand-blended them develop some truly unique flavour profiles. This Tropical Fruit Mix contains carefully mixed slices of Oranges, Mangoes, Papayas, Pineapples, Strawberries, Amla and scrumptious Cranberries, Black Currants and Black Grapes. Enjoy this as a snack while watching your favourite shows, while studying or working, pair them with your favourite Tassyam Teas and what not!?

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